Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

February 9, 2018

Love Stinks sugar cookie kit

How to be Single DVD

Voodoo doll

Galentine’s wine labels

Single definition top

Man’s arm pillow

Hug me please cactus pillow

Bacon candle

100% Boys tears iPhone case

Bedside guest book

Fries before guys pin

Tub wine holder

Animal sheet masks

Pizza sleeping bag

Damn it doll

Cat valentine mug

As I’m sure you were aware Valentine’s day is creeping up on us. And by creeping up I mean crammed down your throat at every Walgreens or Walmart in the nation. I mean don’t get me wrong when we’re in a happy relationship we are skipping down the aisles picking out all the adorable stuffed animals, candy and flowers we would hope to receive on such a holiday. Now, when you are not in a relationship of some sort this holiday blows. Every restaurant in town is booked up, you’re jealous of anyone buying lingerie (since it’ll most likely be going to good use) and your news feed will make you want to barf. 

We have decided to turn this holiday into a fun somewhat hateful, jubilee of events. Anti-Valentine’s day will be jam packed with shots, black balloons, maybe even more axe throwing (if you didn’t see our Insta stories check them out… we’re pretty good) and death metal music. Oh by the way, we’re both single can you tell? Okay, I’m being super dramatic Valentine’s day is not that bad at all. However, we still want to enjoy the holiday because we love a theme. So, we went for the opposite, anti-valentine’s. 

For those of you hanging with galentine’s this year or guyentine’s (I just made that up, but it kind of works) we created a fun gift guide for you! So, whip out the voodoo doll, make some love stinks sugar cookies, snuggle up with your fake man arm pillow and enjoy a few bottles of wine! Make sure to tag us on your anti-valentine’s day posts on Instagram, would love to see how y’all celebrate this dreary day. 

Xx, Emily 




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