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Urban Decay Basquiat Pop-Up at The New Stand in Union Square

April 12, 2017
basquiat collab

basquiat collaboration

basquiat make up

basquiat urban decay the new stand

urban decary basquiat new stand

urban decay basquiat

urban decay pop up

urban decay the new stand

urban decay basquiat collaboration

Hopped off the L train and cruised by The New Stand, as we usually do, but we stopped dead in our tracks to see the gorgeous face of Ruby Rose. Little did we know this was the campaign for Urban Decay’s new Basquiat collection, and it’s been sold pretail pop-up style at The New Stand for a week before it’s official release. The entire shop has been taken over by UD, and we want literally all of the products. Makeup junkies and art fans – make sure to check out this experience at the Union Square station. Leave it to the visionaries at The New Stand to bring you an exclusive makeup pop-up in the subway underground. Genius.

More info about the collection HERE!

xx, Abigail


Organic Beauty thanks to Truly Organic

March 22, 2017

organic beauty products

We’re trying really hard to keep up one of our most important 2017 resolutions, which was to use more organic beauty products. We were so happy to hear about Truly Organic. Their shampoo and conditioner are not only incredibly stylish (hello, mahogany wood cap,) but they’re packed with 100% real fruits, plants and vegetables.

I was a little nervous the product would be something I’d have to get used to. You know when you try a new shampoo and conditioner, and it feels like your hair is still coarse or tangled? I was completely thrilled to find out Truly Organic feels just like all good other shampoos – minus the chemicals of course. My hair feels smooth, strong, and silky!

We have yet to try the Super Face Cream, so stay tuned for our review! Do yourself a favor and order some Truly Organic –

xx, Abigail

Beauty, Feature

Photofacial by Dr. Jennifer Levine

March 7, 2017
dr jennifer levine nyc

dr jennifer levine new york

dr jennifer levine photofacial

photo rejuvenation


photo facial

Abigail and I are big fans of Dr. Jennifer Levine! We’ve been into her office previously for SculpSure, which you can see here. This time we went into see the newly renovated space and test out a new photofacial process. She is located on 79th street between 2nd and 3rd avenue. The perfect Upper East Side locale. The space had undergone it’s own facelift and it looks beautiful. Very comfortable and chic – two things that don’t normally go together. 

Next, we went into the photofacial room and got set up. They put numbing cream all over our face, which felt funny, but also wicked cool. After that comes goggles and a gel protectant. Dr. Levine then took the hand piece and for lack of a better word zapped our faces. The feeling is like the snap of a warm rubber band, totally bearable, and over within a minute!

They wiped off the gel, and we were done. There is absolutely no downtime, and our faces didn’t even get red. That night we were already raving about how our faces were glowing and felt firm and smooth. 

Dr. Jennifer Levine – 240 E 79th St, New York, NY 10021

xx, Emily & Abigail