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Metamorphosis Day Spa – City Escape

October 10, 2016
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Metamorphosis Day Spa – 127 East 56th Street

Fashion Month has officially come and gone, and before we get back to business as usual, there’s always something that calls out to us… a spa day. We found Metamorphosis Day Spa, and agreed a couple’s massage would only be fitting. We’re business partners, best friends, roommates, and probably domestic partners… would you expect anything less?

To celebrate the conclusion of Fashion Week, we wanted to find a serene spa with top quality masseurs. We hate to sound ungrateful, but we’ve both had our fair share of iffy massages. Maybe you’re in some basement on a busy street in Manhattan, and hear the rumble of a subway passing by. Maybe you’re laying on a wobbly massage table that creaks with every movement. Maybe the walls are so thin you listen to the chit chat in the lobby.

Visit Metamorphosis Spa in NYC if you’re looking for a real escape from city stress. The spa is cozy, secluded, serene, and sincerely two of the best massages we’ve had. We highly recommend David and Ingrid! These are the types of therapists that ask you what aches, and advise you afterwards on how to properly stretch that area. Their massage products smell divine, and the music setting is just right. CLICK HERE to peruse their extensive and unique services list.

xx, Abigail

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2 NEW Procedures You NEED For Summer

July 28, 2016


(Photo from Luxe-Laser)


(Photo from New York Cosmetic, Skin & Laser Surgery)

I met Dr. Rokhsar a few months back and spent the whole time asking every dermatology question I could think of (how annoying, right?!) Well, I’m annoying for you guys. When you have a doctor like Dr. Rokhsar at your disposal you gotta get the skinny!

Speaking of skinny (nice segue.) It’s almost the end of July, so that gives you a good two more months for the perfect bikini body. Or if you’re like me, you’re still focusing on cookies for now and will resume your attempt at a beach bod for a winter vacation. Whatever point you’re at I highly suggest checking out CoolSculpting. It’s this great treatment that actually freezes your fat cells and then your body gradually just gets rid of them. You don’t have to get surgery, there are no needles (phew) and no downtime! I have these parts on my body that regardless of how much I work them out they are stubborn, probably because I’m an aries (stubborn all the way through.)

Okay, the other really amazing procedure for those Summer months that he brought up was miraDry. If you’re the type of person who won’t wear gray in the Summer this is for you! It literally gets rid of sweat glands under your arms and they don’t regenerate! No more worrying if you’ve created a giant sweat mark on your shirt. Huzzah!

Of course, he does lots of incredible things at his office, but I thought you all would appreciate these two procedures you need for the Summer!

Xx, Emily