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How Hypnosis Saved my Job as a Travel Blogger

May 4, 2017

Does anyone else think hypnosis isn’t actually real? It’s just a funny show that you can see in Vegas where they make people think they’re naked in front of an entire audience. I thought maybe they’re just like magician comediennes or something. I am woman enough to admit when I am wrong. If anyone of you know me,  or are just a woman in general that’s not an easy thing to say. However, I can confidently say, hypnosis saved my job! 

As you guys can tell, we travel quite a bit. We probably travel more than we are even home in NYC. Most people don’t know this, but I actually have a horrible fear of flying. To the point where in college I took a 26 hour train ride to visit Abigail in Florida rather than taking the 2 hour flight…. it was brutal. (Man, I’m a great friend.) Anyways, enough about how great I am.

We started getting booked for more and more travel work, which meant the plane rides got more and more frequent. I took xanex to calm down on the flights, but it wasn’t enough and I was so groggy when we arrived at our destination. Anytime we would hit light turbulence I would think the worst and be sick with nerves the whole flight. I cry, I cause scenes… it wasn’t pretty (and I’m definitely an ugly crier.) 

At the end of last year I had looked at the next 3 months in our calendar and counted over 17 flights. I knew I had to do something to try and get over my fear. I reached out to friends who were pilots and they explained to me how things on the plane worked, which made me feel a bit more comfortable. However, I still felt that nervousness when we hit a slight bump. I finally reached out to a hypnotist in NYC, Doug O’Brien and made an appointment for the next week. 

We went through his whole process implementing the havening technique as well as normal hypnosis tactics. He recorded my session and told me to listen to the tape as I was falling asleep every night. He said it didn’t matter if I fell asleep that it would still find its way into my brain. Important to note that it does not work right away, but after a few weeks you should start to feel a difference. 

It honestly worked! I, like any other normal human have a few nerves about flying, but nothing like before. I actually opt to fly home to Boston now instead of taking the train or the bus. Without getting hypnosis I would have had a very difficult time continuing my work as a travel blogger. 

If you have similar fears I urge you to reach out to Doug O’Brien for a session. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try 🙂

Xx, Emily 



Shop Betches

May 2, 2017


Shop Betches

Who else follows @Betches on Instagram? We are constantly sending their memes back and forth to each other… even though we share an Instagram account, and we live together…. and generally spend every waking minute together. But there is just something exciting about getting a text, right? (Is that pathetic?) 

Well, if you follow them you should also check out their @shopbetches Instagram with all their apparel/items featuring HILARIOUS phrases etc. We stopped by the Betches offices and snagged a few of their tanks to test them out on the city streets. See what kind of a sense of humor New York City has. 

Just so you can get a glimpse of some of their other products, I’ve rounded up a bunch on their website right now that I’ve been chuckling creepily (creepy because I’m alone in public) about at my computer for a good 20 minutes. 

I mean first of all the Lindsay Lohan’s meltdown right on your phone cover… amazing. The team over there is quite clever. “Stop trying to make fetch happen” on a dog hoodie. Nailed it. It was hard to pick just one candle. Also a big fan of “zen af.” There is quite a bit to choose from. Also highly suggest checking out this stuff when preparing for a Bachelorette party. Way better stuff than making your own t-shirts. 

Anywho! For these photos we decided these bleachers would get us in the mind set of Mean Girls to channel one of Regina George’s victims. Actually, quite honestly I needed to sit down. I had been stomping the streets all day in those heels and a break was in order. Worked out nicely though 😉 The old mens softball team got a kick out of us at least. 

Which is your favorite item from Shop Betches? 

Xx, Emily 



6 Engagement Rings You’ll Want On Your Finger

April 24, 2017

We’re at that age where everyone we know is getting married, getting engaged or having a kid………….. we are so far from that point it’s scary. In fact most people just assume we are a couple. In case you were wondering, we are not. Just best friends, roommates, blood sisters (but not actually related,) and soul mates. 

Quite a few of our friends have actually requested our help when it comes to proposals, ring shopping, and wedding planning in general. So, we figured you guys may like some help as well. One of our fav sites to peruse for engagement rings is PrimeStyle. They have so many options and it’s all very reasonably priced. I’ve rounded up some beautiful rings above that range in style.  

Which ring would you like if you were being proposed to? I like the top right the best, but it keeps changing every few minutes. 

Xx, Emily