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Venice Beach on a Quiet Winter Day

March 9, 2017
marina del rey

venice beach

marina del rey beach




Top and Dress, Galimier. Shorts, GUESS. Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters.

I love how retro Venice Beach feels. I styled myself accordingly in this rad animal print Galimier top, and white cutoffs. I love dressing down a loud pattern, but this shirt would also slay with some leather pants and stilettos! My constant style goal is to wear less basic tee shirts, so this is definitely a start. Check out the Galimier site here for more resort wear inspired statement pieces.

I can’t get over how quiet the beach was this day. Emily and I literally laid out in the morning, and not a soul was on the beach. Our Venice-living friend laughed at us and told us a real Californian would be in a jacket pointing at us and scoffing, “Tourists.” We New Yorkers will do anything for the slightest bit of sunshine. Stay tuned for more travel – next up is Whistler, Canada and Seattle!

xx, Abigail


Morticia & Morticia Go to the New York City Ballet

February 27, 2017

new york city ballet

Gowns, Allen Schwartz

This past weekend Abigail and I went to Lincoln Center to see The Sleeping Beauty at the David Koch Theatre. This is basically what it would look like if Morticia & Morticia went to the ballet. What an incredible experience! It’s unbelievable how effortless they make it look. I attempted a few of the moves when I got home………. lets just say, I should stick to blogging. But seriously, wow. I’m still in awe. 

Abigail and I love to get dressed up! It makes us sad when people stop getting dressed up to attend broadway shows and special events. However, we’re over their lack luster sensibility. We dress up every time, even if we may be a bit out of place. 

Just because we’re wearing a fancy dress doesn’t mean we have to abandon who we are either. Our fancy look is what we call Morticia chic. Long black gowns with dark purple lipstick and sky high heels of course. We are lusting after everything Allen Schwartz (the designer of our gorgeous gowns) lately. If we had a giant closet just filled with Allen Schwartz we would be very happy girls πŸ™‚ 

What do you think of our formal wear?

Xx, Emily  


Men’s Fashion: 5 Pro Tips When Shopping for Perfect Fitting Formal Wear

February 25, 2017

(Photo from Project Wedding)

Men’s Fashion: 5 Pro Tips When Shopping for Perfect Fitting Formal Wear

1. Know your measurements!

Take it from two women who have styled and personal shopped for many men, nothing is more important than fit. A man in a perfectly fitted suit is literally lethal. Check out Mark and Spencer’s suit measuring guide.

2. Know what works for your body type!

If looking to lengthen the legs, pick a pant and shoe that match. This is a trick women have been doing for decades. Black pants and black heels = legs for days. Here’s Art of Manliness’ guide for other shapes and sizes.

3. The key is in the details!

Nothing is cuter than men’s accessories. I’m talking hats, suspenders, pocket squares, cufflinks, patterned socks, and so on. When a lady sees the effort, that man instantly has the edge. Check out this awesome roster of men’s accessories and gifts..

4. Shop Around – don’t stop at one shop!

Get creative. Don’t just go to the basic department store. Check out local boutiques, or search for clothing shops online..

5. Always check the return policy!

You’d think this would be an obvious one, but just a friendly reminder, know what you’re getting yourself into! No pun intended.