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March Madness

April 18, 2017

Our version of March Madness. A crazy month filled traveling all over the country! We have actually been traveling so much that we have spent more time in a hotel bed than our own at home in Brooklyn. Not complaining. Who doesn’t love hotel beds?  Although, I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned this, but Abigail has night terrors that she interacts with. I’m talking grabbing me and informing me there are men in the room. And not the type of men you would want in the room… i.e. killers. Luckily for us, it is just a dream, but it is just as frightening every time. As a gauge I’m afraid of like Harry Potter 3 on, or whichever one it is that the professor unravels his turban and Voldemort is on the back of head. I’m thinking of wearing a Go Pro on my head when we sleep at hotels to capture these horrifying moments. Is this something you guys would be interested in seeing and laughing at after the fact with me? 

Anywho, this video is a round up of our adventures this past month. We started off with a day trip to Miami on a private plane with Celebrity Cruises (it was as epic as it sounds.) We hopped on the bus and spent the weekend listening to our fav band Kaleo and winning mega bucks at the roulette table. Then we flew to British Columbia and whipped around the mountains taking in the most incredible views on snowmobiles and doing all sorts of cool aprΓ©s ski activities. We literally watched a mens axe competition on TV, and loved it. We finished off the month in Seattle testing out just about every wine known to the planet Earth. Okay, well every wine in Seattle, but it’s still a lot! We enjoyed checking out the city (especially from above in a seaplane.) What a crazy incredible month! 

Stay tuned for April’s video which includes monster truck rallies and rope bridges.

Xx, Emily 


Channeling Katniss Everdeen at Queens Archery

April 11, 2017

When we decided to take archery lessons at Queens Archery, we knew we couldn’t just wear any old outfit. I mean we would be carrying a bow and arrow… how many times in your life have you been like, my outfit is so cool, but it’s missing a bow. (We honestly say that more than you would think.) We couldn’t miss out on an opportunity like this. I decided to whip out my black bodysuit and channel Katniss Everdeen. Was I the only person dressed like the cast of Hunger Games in the class? Yes. Did I care? Not even a little. 

It was a pretty large class and I did get some looks. However, I felt like a badass, so it was totally worth it. It’s so cool that something like this is offered in NYC. We had been looking forward to it for awhile and it was nothing short of our expectations. The staff was so friendly and the space was really cool. We were in a beginner class of about 25. We learned all the safety rules first and then que Katniss! I was a decent shot and almost got a bullseye. Definitely need to practice my newly acquired skill set to get to Hunger Games status.

You can check out their site to purchase lessons here. The weather is getting nice, so it’s time to get out of your comfort zone!

Xx, Emily

Sidenote: I’m also thinking of getting a bodysuit similar to this except in a patent latex… yay? nay? You know for going out, and grocery runs. 

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Venice Beach on a Quiet Winter Day

March 9, 2017
marina del rey

venice beach

marina del rey beach




Top and Dress, Galimier. Shorts, GUESS. Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters.

I love how retro Venice Beach feels. I styled myself accordingly in this rad animal print Galimier top, and white cutoffs. I love dressing down a loud pattern, but this shirt would also slay with some leather pants and stilettos! My constant style goal is to wear less basic tee shirts, so this is definitely a start. Check out the Galimier site here for more resort wear inspired statement pieces.

I can’t get over how quiet the beach was this day. Emily and I literally laid out in the morning, and not a soul was on the beach. Our Venice-living friend laughed at us and told us a real Californian would be in a jacket pointing at us and scoffing, “Tourists.” We New Yorkers will do anything for the slightest bit of sunshine. Stay tuned for more travel – next up is Whistler, Canada and Seattle!

xx, Abigail