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A Groom’s Guide to Having a Fun Wedding

January 16, 2018

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. You spend months of preparations and repeated rehearsals to make the day perfect.

But sometimes, wedding jitters can be caused by too much pressure you impose on yourself. Instead of having fun, you end up being frustrated by the bad catering, technical malfunctions, or other things not under your control.

Weddings should be fun, so before starting your life journey as a duo, here are some tips to blow those wedding jitters away and truly have fun at your wedding.

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Nashvillians or Nashvillains

January 15, 2018


Abigail- Hat, Nine West. Poncho, DSW. Pants, Zara. Boots, Aerosoles

Emily- Sunnies, Vint & York. Jacket, Zara. Dress, Boutique in Berlin. Pants, Aritzia. Boots, Aerosoles

Revving up for a great week here in Nashville! It’s so exciting when everyone is finally back from holidays, and ready to rock the new year. A few photoshoots scheduled, and a couple hotel events. Will also be appearing on Today in Nashville this Thursday to discuss last minute Winter getaways. Will be discussing mini road trips, and quick non-stop flights! Any fav destinations you think we should mention?

We’re also heading back to New York in two weeks to work with Priceline, so stay tuned for some awesome travel content and even a special discount for you!

xx, WanderLust Girls

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Topgolf Nashville

December 18, 2017

Okay, so we are really bad at golf. Like really bad. However, we had experienced Topgolf once before while visiting Scottsdale, Arizona and had so much fun. Once we heard they had opened Topgolf Nashville we had to check it out! Normally, I would think of golf as a bit of a warmer weather sport, but they had toasty heaters at every bay. Plus, we were channeling Serendipity, not the part where Molly Shannon gets hit with a golf ball, but the John Cusack romantic part of it. Although, I’m almost positive we hit a few people on Level 2 with golf balls. Sorry to you poor innocent golfers!)  

Reasons to go if you love golf: 

They have a really beautiful facility with a cool digital set up at every bay. All you do is wave your your club (provided or you can bring your own) and a ball pops out with a tracker inside. Once you give it a good whack you can check the screen to see where exactly your ball went! Basically, you’re playing with robot golf balls. Just something to think about.

There are a few different games to play based on your level of experience. You can do distance, try and hit in specific targets so on and so forth. (We just tried to hit it, but for those of you who want to show off… by all means play one of the more advanced games.)

*All the below reasons apply to if you love golf as well.

Reasons to go if you suck at golf: 

The cocktails are incredible! There are numerous bars at Topgolf Nashville and we experienced most of them. It’s all for research purposes… 

The food… oh the food. We devoured the giant pretzel that was surrounded by fruits, nuts, meats and cheeses. My favorite were the injectable doughnuts. Yes, I used all of the injectable chocolate. Yes, I got it all over me. However, to my luck there was a group of firefighters there who came to my rescue with napkins. 

Speaking of firefighters. This is the mecca for hot men. They were literally everywhere… on all three levels! Jackpot. 

There is a very spacious concert venue. We happen to be there when they were hosting Whiskey Jam. We got to see some badass bands, which drew a packed crowd! 

In the warmer weather you can experience their outdoor spaces. Very hip styling with great views of Nashville. 

Basically, whether you are good at golf, suck at golf (like us) or just want to go hang out with good people, listen to good music, and eat delicious food and drink this is one of Nashville’s newest hot spots. Highly recommended. 

Xx, Emily