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Golden Girls

April 24, 2017

“Thank you for being a friend.
Travel down the road and back again.”

Literally could not stop singing this theme song while doing this golden photoshoot. Admittedly, I’m currently watching Golden Girls from start to finish and have been obsessing over all their epic outfits. I’m only on season four, but I’ve already gotten more than enough OOTD inspiration… those old biddies have style!

Abigail and I have been wanting to wear more metallics and pieces with a bit of sparkle, and I think WRAY took care of that. When recently visiting the RKPR press preview a couple weeks ago we were drawn right to these gold pieces. They’re so fun. We headed to Dumbo during golden hour (really going strong with this golden theme) and snapped some pics with our friend, Nicholas Policarpo. Nick is an incredible photographer, so we were excited to do our first shoot with him. We had a few near death experiences on those rocks by the water, but I’d like to believe those experiences bring you closer together. There was also a flattened rat situation on the cobblestone, but we don’t need to talk about that. I’ll just say, I was inches away from stomping right on it…….. gross. 

Okay, bringing it back to Golden Girls one more time. I’m going to leave you all with this link to a buzz feed article of “savage burns” from the show. It had me in tears! 

Will you guys be wearing metallics this Spring/Summer? We’ve been seeing it around a lot and we are so into it. Would love to hear what brands with metallics you love. 

Xx, Emily 

P.S. Stay tuned on our Instagram story over the next few days. We have some exciting projects/events/photoshoots coming up. I promise you won’t want to miss them. 



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Omni Nashville Restaurant and Spa

April 24, 2017
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If you’re craving a day of delicious farm-to-fork food and pure relaxation, head over to the Omni Nashville restaurant, Kitchen Notes,  and Mokara Spa. The restaurant boasts a unique assortment of biscuits, and divine lunch menu. Even their club sandwich was photogenic, which is not easy to do. We’ll definitely be coming back here to test out their brunch.

After you’re fully satiated, head upstairs to the beautiful Mokara Spa. Lounge in plush white robes and sip champagne while you wait for an INCREDIBLE massage. Guys, there massage beds are heated… game changer. We’ve reviewed many spas, but have to crown this one the winner.

Omni Nashville – 250 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

xx, Abigail

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Hotel Indigo Nashville

April 18, 2017
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On our recent trip to Tennessee we made sure to bop around from locale to locale in order to check out as many hotels as possible. We want to make sure that we give our readers options when they travel, and this trip we really got the best of the best. Hotel Indigo is a hotel we’ve worked with numerous times in the past. However, this was our first time staying at Hotel Indigo Nashville and it did not disappoint! 

The decor was amazing! We spent a good 30 minutes just perusing the lobby/bar area. You really felt that you were in Music City and not some random chain hotel with no personality. They even had fresh cookies when you arrive at the hotel, and exit, and check on your ubers, or when you run downstairs to just “check out” the lobby to make sure everything is cool down there…….  okay, we ate all the free cookies!! That’s not the only free stuff, there was an adorable little place for puppies to grab some water and a treat. 

The bar has live music every night, which set such a cool tone when you are sipping a cocktail before an evening of honkey tonk hopping or cowboy hunting. The rooms themselves were super comfortable. Specifically, the beds were (insert praising emoji hands.) 

Cool vibes and the friendliest staff made this the perfect stay. Thank you so much to Hotel Indigo Nashville for having us.

Stay tuned for more of our trip and where we’ll go next!

Xx, Emily

P.S. Those gold elevators….!