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LA Jackson Rooftop Bar Nashville

November 2, 2017

la jackson nashville

cocktails nashville

L.A. Jackson – 401 11th Ave S, Nashville

If these aren’t glamour shots, I don’t know what is. Thank you to the Thompson Hotel in Nashville for having us at L.A. Jackson, their fabulous rooftop bar. Post up at the 360 bar, or grab a table and enjoy their delicious bar menu. If it’s a nice night, steal a spot outside before it’s too late. The views are stunning, and the cocktails are the perfect pairing. Go for a specialty drink, or give them a spirit and let them concoct something custom! We went for the mystery, and loved the result. Thanks for having us, L.A. Jackson.

Be sure to also check out our photos HERE from the Thompson’s downstairs coffee shop turned cocktail bar. Now all we need to cover is a staycation in their hotel! 

xx, Abigail

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Coffee Cocktail Lovers Have A New Home

October 30, 2017
killebrew after dark

coffee cocktail

nashville coffee cocktail bar

thompson nashville coffee

Short glass: “Extra Spro Shot” – Whisper Creek TN sipping cream, espresso shot.

Tall glass: “TN Coffee Fizz” – Bourbon, cynar, coffee liqueur, spice tonic.

We were enjoying cocktails at L.A. Jackson, the Thompson Hotel’s fabulous rooftop bar, when we heard about Killebrew After Dark. The hotel’s coffee shop downstairs apparently turns into a cocktail bar, serving up unreal coffee and espresso concoctions. Pictured above are two of our favs. I highly recommend the Extra Spro Shot! 

But don’t worry, if you’re not a fan of coffee (like Emily) they also serve vodka, bourbon, rum, gin, tequila, bubbles, and beer. Something for everyone! So maybe next time there’s a long line to get into L.A. Jackson, you should kill some time at Killebrew Coffee.

xx, WanderLust Girls

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Smashville Welcomes Two New Fans

October 23, 2017
nashville predators

bridgestone arena


It’s official, after one hockey game in Smashville, aka Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, we have turned into Predators fans! If you didn’t catch our Insta stories from the game, the arena was packed to the brim with yellow-clad fans that are not to be messed with. After our first goal, we were high-fiving with strangers and learning hilarious chants that have made these fans famous. Coming from New York and Boston, we didn’t think any fans could be as passionate, but we were wrong. Smashville, as they call it, is as rowdy as rowdy gets. Chants like “YOU SUCK!” and “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!” had us cracking up. Even in between periods when the fans are refueling on beer and snacks, there’s a live band. How Nashville is that?!

We’re proud to be Preds fans, and promise to invest in some yellow and navy gear. Our current wardrobe as you know only consists of black, white, and red. Maybe for our next game we’ll do a styling tutorial for our female readers, because a jersey and jeans can get redundant. Perhaps since everyone wears yellow we’ll go for navy blue with yellow accents. Ladies, what’s your go to style for sporting events??

xx, Abigail