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7 Ways to Cure a Hangover!

December 31, 2016

Well, we made it guys! New Years 2016!! Blah blah Blah… I’m sick of those Facebook posts about how great things happened this year and the cup is half full. I’m a positive person, but this year kind of sucked. I won’t dwell, but I want to make sure you guys and myself start 2017 off with a good attitude and a clear head. AKA as little of a hangover as possible. I’m sure you know all these, but as a reminder, here are 6 ways to cure a hangover: 

1. Drink water before you go out. In between drinks and about 16-20 ounces before you go to bed! You’ll feel like it’s too much, but believe me, it’s not! Gatorade is great for replacing electrolytes, but the sugar can cause you to feel worse. If you can, stick to pure, simple H2O. 

2. Carb load! Make sure you eat a good meal before you go out, obviously. But, a great help too is having toast in the morning it will bring your blood sugar levels back up. 

3. Greasy Food. Okay, it’s not necessarily the type of food you eat before you go out, but we prefer greasy food anyway. (Although beware, greasy food can cause you heart burn.) Just make sure you have a good meal before you go out. Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol, so it will take longer for you to get intoxicated. 

4. Pop some pills! Take an Aspirin or Ibuprofen for your headache. Avoid tylenol, which can be harmful to the liver (haven’t you done enough damage?)

5. Hair of the Dog… unfortunately, will just prolong your hangover. If you just don’t want to deal with it when you wake up, by all means crack open a cold one. However, by doing so you will just be hungover that night. 

6. Alka-Seltzer has been known for years to help an upset stomach. We usually grab an Alka-Seltzer or a charcoal tablet. 

7. Sleep it off the next day if you can! You will probably get a terrible night sleep after drinking so much. Take it easy the next day. People suggest “sweating out the alcohol” with a bit of exercise, but maybe wait till that night or the next day. 

And try and go easy on the champagne, there is so much sugar. Perhaps, just save it for the midnight toast! 

Have such an amazing night everyone! We will be doing a bit of an earlier New Years Eve this year as we hopped over to Ireland to celebrate with all the sexy Irish men… I mean enjoy the….. no it’s the Irish men. Follow along on our Instagram story @WanderLustGirls to see what type of shenanigans we get up to.

Xx, Emily 

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20 Best Gifts for Guys Under 50 Dollars from ASOS

December 20, 2016


(Clockwise: Dino undies, Drink floats, Slam Dunk toilet game, 6 Pack holster, Pocket Drone, Smartphone Projector, Office Dares book, Virtual Reality Headset.)       


Best Gifts Under 50 Dollars for Men From ASOS

(Clockwise: Drink like a Man book, Elemis Shave & Beard Oil, Skull Lapel Pin, Metallica Band T-Shirt, Brown Leather Suspenders, French Connection Infiniti Scarf, Black Velvet Loafers, Crocodile Embossed Wallet, Dunlop Suede Slippers, Jack & Jones Tie & Pocket Square set, Leather Camo Card Holder, Shoe Shine Kit.)            

Whether it’s your boyfriend, husband, father, brother… what have you. There is a man in your life that needs a great gift this holiday season! I, myself have quite a few that I need to buy for and I get so frustrated going from site to site, plus adding shipping from said million sites………. and broke. 

This year I spent time perusing ASOS (which by the way I’ve pronouncing wrong forever, whoops! Here is how to pronounce it correctly.) I digress. I started to click on a few things on their site and then I realized I couldn’t stop perusing. There is so much on ASOS and most importantly, they are inexpensive items! I’ve rounded up, what I think to be, the best 20 gifts for men under $50 from ASOS. 

I’ve created two groups joke gifts and then actual necessary items. I’ve linked each item below the collage as well!  (I tend to go for the joke gifts, they’re more memorable.) I hope this makes your life a bit easier this time of year! 

Xx, Emily 

P.S. This is not an ad we just think ASOS has the best bang for your buck! Happy shopping πŸ™‚ 

P.P.S. What is your fav item from the images above??   

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New Vegetarian Restaurant in NYC! Divya’s Kitchen

December 12, 2016
best vegan restaurants nyc


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divyas kitchen

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Well, we’re not vegetarians, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be every once in a while right?! We’ve found a new gem nestled in the East Village called Divya’s Kitchen. First, we must commend the interior designer, because who doesn’t love white-washed walls, copper lamps, and plants aplenty. Very calming. Even the music felt Zen. We sat down, took a deep breath, and began to forget our daily woes. I ordered a DELICIOUS mint ginger limeade. I highly recommend it, even if you’re just cruising by and need a refreshing healthy beverage. 

Along with our blogger friend Christian Blanchet, we ordered a medley of small bites, sides, and mains. We enjoyed the focaccia with basil parsley pesto, roasted sweet potatoes, avocado dip, roasted seasonal vegetables, and lasagna. Our two favorites were the roasted seasonal veggies and the lasagna! After an incredibly healthy and tasty meal, it’s almost impossible not to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It was a total pleasure to meet Divya herself, who is all smiles. Next time you’re in the East Village or need to find a vegetarian restaurant, swing by:

Divya’s Kitchen – 25 1st Ave.

xx, Abigail