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A Groom’s Guide to Having a Fun Wedding

January 16, 2018

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. You spend months of preparations and repeated rehearsals to make the day perfect.

But sometimes, wedding jitters can be caused by too much pressure you impose on yourself. Instead of having fun, you end up being frustrated by the bad catering, technical malfunctions, or other things not under your control.

Weddings should be fun, so before starting your life journey as a duo, here are some tips to blow those wedding jitters away and truly have fun at your wedding.

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Monster Jam Opens it’s 2018 Season in Nashville

January 10, 2018

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monster jam wanderlust girls

MONSTER JAAAAAAAAAAAAAM! Okay, now this is where we geek out. We were super stoked when we got the opportunity to check out 2018’s Monster Jam. By some stroke of luck, maybe it’s karma whatever it is/whatever we did, we’ll take it. They were running a bit late during the press day, so we had to sit in an empty arena and watch our very own private rally. We’re not bragging, but we sort of are. What an experience!

There is something about those engines when they start to rev. Maybe it’s the jumpsuits they wear *swoon.* Maybe it’s the energy of the crowd. Whatever the case, we love it.

We got the opportunity to meet Scooby Doo’s driver, Myranda Cozad and she is a badass. Can you imagine driving a Monster Truck as your job?! Livin’ the dream girl. After our private show and meeting we headed down to the dirt to snap some photos in the stadium. 

On rally day we got there extra early to go to the pit party. For those of you who have yet to attend a rally, the pit party is where you can meet with the drivers and get a close up of the trucks. Just for some perspective I stood next to Zombie’s tires (in 4 inch heels.) I’m 5’9″ for reference. They are huge and the trucks weigh in at around 12,000 pounds! 

During the show there are numerous competitions. We love the donut, two-wheel skill challenge and the freestyle events the best! Beware of flying dirt. Make sure to check out their 2018 schedule here for upcoming shows. We’ll be at the outdoor show in June! Meet us there 🙂 

Xx, Emily 

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5th & Taylor is One Sexy Bar

January 8, 2018
5th and taylor

5th & Taylor

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5th & Taylor – 1411 5th Ave North, Nashville

We’re finally making our rounds through Nashville’s incredible neighborhoods, and 5th & Taylor was a great way to kick off our Germantown exploration. This rustic restaurant conceals itself in an industrial style building, and is a total jaw-dropper when you walk in the front doors. Rows of candles flicker, tall greenery fills the lofted space, and friends families and large groups pack the tables.

Our bartender’s name was Jack, and he claims to be there all the time. We sure hope so, because he was a total pleasure speaking with, and he can concoct a mean cocktail. We were indecisive on our drink orders, so we let him take the wheel. He also gave us great road trip tips since we’re planning one in a few weeks. We can attest to the cocktails, but we’ll have to go back for food!

xx, WanderLust Girls