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Two Roads Brewery Stratford CT

September 6, 2017
two roads beer

two roads brewery ct

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two roads brewery

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two roads ct

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two roads

Two Roads Brewery – 1700 Stratford Ave, Stratford, CT 06615

By now you’ve probably realized something… it’s our mission to tour as many wineries and distilleries as we can, both domestically and internationally. It’ll come to no surprise that we’re adding breweries to that boozy bucket list! You’d think by having family in Connecticut for my whole life I would have known about Two Roads Beer. In fact, I was at a dive bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn when I saw a beer tap that read Stratford, CT. I had to know more.

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A Guide to Greenport, NY

August 15, 2017
visit greenport


We spent two days in beautiful Greenport, NY, and we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite spots to check out during your visit! A very special thank you to Kori and Emily for showing us around, and to The Gallery Hotel for our awesome room with an incredible terrace overlooking their garden. Check out our recommendations below for sights, food, cocktails, and activities!


greenport new york

Where to Stay: The Gallery Hotel

the gallery hotel

the gallery hotel ny

the gallery hotel long island

the gallery hotel greenport

hotels greenport

gallery hotel garden

hotel greenport

where to stay in greenport

Where to Eat & Drink: American Beech

what to do in greenport

greenport ny

Where to Eat & Drink: Porto Bello

where to go in greenport

restaurant greenport

food greenport

Where to Eat & Drink: Little Creek Oyster Farm & Market

greenport brewery

lauren cecchi yellow

greenport restaurant

Where to Eat & Drink: The Gallery Hotel Cafe

where to eat in greenport


Where to Eat & Drink: Bruce & Son

bruce and son

breakfast greenport

What to do: VSOP art + design Projects

wanderlust girls art gallery



greenport art gallery

art gallery long island

art gallery greenport

What to do: Lavender by the Bay

lavender long island

lavender new york

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Coldplay with Verizon

August 2, 2017


We had a BLAST last night at the Coldplay concert at MetLife stadium! It was completely packed with people dawning light up wrist bands that made the stadium look absolutely magical. We’ve been Coldplay fans for awhile, so we were super excited when Verizon offered us tickets to their suite and the chance to experience the concert with the new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. 

What a camera!! We snapped these pics (above) and a bunch of fun videos, which will make an appearance in one of our round up videos soon! The camera is wicked sharp due to the dual-pixel technology. It really makes a difference when you take an image and upload it to Instagram. You want something clear enough on such a small screen and it did us proud (stay tuned for our boomerang from the concert tonight.) We love the infinity screen. That’s something we haven’t worked with before and it was nice to get a bigger picture without having to lug around a giant device! 

Okay, back to Coldplay! Firstly, Chris Martin *swoon* am I right?! He has so much energy. He really spent the whole concert running up and down the giant stage. He even did a touching tribute to Linkin Park’s lead singer, Chester Bennington. He played the piano while singing In the End. He even stopped and restarted claiming he wanted to “do it right.” We had tears in our eyes during “Fix You.” He is such a beautiful musician. What a great experience. Thank you so much Verizon! 

Xx, Emily 

P.S. The Mophie powerstation plus 6000 literally saved us last night. We spent so much time playing with the phone before the concert that we may not have even got content if we didn’t pack the extra charge! Our lifesaver.