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This NYC Spa is a True Escape

July 10, 2017

nyc spa

nyc spa

There are a few things that make Organic Elements Spa in NYC a true oasis…

1) The moment you walk out of the elevators you’re hit by the most intoxicating aroma of spa-worthy scents.

2) It is not located in a basement or first floor. This is hugely important in New York City to avoid the sound of the subway or raucous from the street.

3) They use incredible oils and aromatherapy, which blend perfectly with the zen lighting and spa sounds.

A big thank you to our fabulous massage therapists who dealt with our tense bodies. High heels and heavy bags make for some crippled young ladies. We’ll certainly be back for more stress and pain relief!

QUESTION: Is this a couples massage?

ANSWER: Yes, and it’s far from our first.

Organic Elements Spa – 224 W 35th St #200, New York, NY

xx, E&A

Feature, Lifestyle

Worry Free Summer with Total Mobile Protection

July 10, 2017

In partnership with Verizon

This past weekend Abigail and I went on a double date. I know we were just as shocked as you are. Why would anyone in their right mind want to take BOTH of us outTo their credit, these men had a wonderful day at the vineyards in Long Island planned out and it was just as fun as we could have hoped.

We began early at the Bedell Cellars for a quick flight and a glass of rosé on a picnic table by the vines. Then we headed over to Corey Creek for some delicious frosé. The perfect Summer drink. Raphael vineyards was our next stop and was a beautiful backdrop for some wine, cheese and a lot of vineyard pics. We always get super nervous taking pics with our phones while were out and about in the Summer. Luckily, if one of our phones eats it we at least can keep you all up to date with the other. However, when you are drinking wine and trying to look cute at the same time, you cant be too careful.

For those of you with Summer plans like ours, dates, vineyards, beaches, pools, trying dance moves you shouldnt on the busy city streetyou should invest in Verizons Total Mobile Protection Plan. It is a device insurance plan available exclusively from Verizon, and its open enrollment period is happening now until July 14, 2017.

In short, this plan gets rid of our crippling fear of being without a phone this Summer. With Total Mobile Protection, if a customer loses or breaks their phone, or if their phone is stolen, Verizon ships them a replacement phone the NEXT day! If you crack your screen you can get it fixed with a $49 deductible now instead of $79. Sameday repairs are available at nationwide carry in locations, but in 120 markets across the country, the technician can come right to the customer’s location. That is a serious protection plan.

Despite our job being within the tech industry, you would be shocked at how little we know about technology. Tech Coach, offered with Total Mobile Protection, provides users with unlimited access to experts who will handle virtually any question, including transferring content, explaining error messages, and connecting your device to other wireless devices.

Before I ramble anymoreback to the vineyards! We ended the day at Kontokosta Winery in Greenport. This place was my favorite. We skipped any sort of tasting, grabbed a delicious pinot and headed for the cliffs to take in the incredible views. Yes, I attempted to go down the cliffyes, it was a bad idea…. thank goodness for the Total Mobile Protection Plan.


Woes of Weaves and Extensions

June 30, 2017

(Pictured above I’ve shown where my real hair ends.) 

Woes of Weaves 

Hi, I’m Emily (“hi emily”) I’m a long time extension wearer. Every so often after spending years growing it long I hype myself up, look at cool people on pinterest for a couple hours and then I head to the hair salon. One hair chop please! Initially I love it, but than it’s time to begin to grow it long again and that is the most painful in between time in my life.

As someone who has been a double process blonde for 13 years I can say that my hair does not grow fast. I take biotin everyday (biotin gummies are my favorite things… they taste like Welches fruit snacks.) I’ve also been excited to try collagen as well, I’ve heard that helps it grow even faster, but have yet to switch.

Extensions are my saving grace. I clip them in every morning and voila! I’m back to Kalesi status. However, I think it’s important to tell you all the woes of having hair extensions. Stuff you wouldn’t normally think about when purchasing them for the first time.

  • Bald Spots: When you wear clip ins they tend to pull at the hair that you have clipped it to. Leaving very small bald spots. They are under most of your hair, so they won’t be noticeable, but you can feel them when you touch your hair.
  • Making Out: Let’s get super real for a second. The most uncomfortable thing about hair extensions is that when you go to make out with someone and they put their hand into your hair at the nape of your head they can feel the clips. It’s super awkward. You either have to tell them before hand or just ignore it FOREVER.
  • Breakage: If you wear bonded extensions they can break your hair quite a bit. It will just take you that much longer for it to grow out naturally.
  • Visible Clips: You have to be careful with the bonds or clips because you can see them when your hair blows in the wind.
  • No Up Do’s: If you wear clip ins because you clip them in about half way down your head you can’t really pull your hair up. Of course, you can do a low style pony. There are pony tail extensions you can purchase like this one here, but that’s really a commitment.
  • More Broken Hair: The hair on the extensions will break after a while. I would say mine usually last about 6 months. I usually purchase mine from Irresistible Me or Ricky’s and I like them. But 6 months is the limit.  You usually can bring them to a salon and get them dyed or toned to match your color perfectly. If you get ones from a salon they tend to be super expensive and don’t last that much longer than 6 months.
  • Awkardness:  Sleeping over a significant others house is super awkward. I didn’t tell my boyfriend for months. He clearly knew I had them after touching them during the second bullet point above. However, I didn’t want him to see me take them out. I thought that would be traumatizing. So, I would get into bed with them in and wait for him to go to the bathroom and then I would run out of bed, whip them off and tuck them into a bag. Another instance is when you take them out and your hair is obviously much shorter and then someone is like “wait, your hair is so much shorter.”

When wearing extensions it also helps to curl or give your hair some texture to make it less noticeable where the extensions begin. I’ve posted pictures above showing where my real hair ends.

I hope these bullet points will not scare you away from hair extensions. I wish someone had warned me about these situations before I paved my way through the extension realm. Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions. 

Xx, Emily