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Today in Nashville Winter Escapes

January 18, 2018

WSMV News 4

Thank you to Today in Nashville for having us on their show to talk about last minute Winter Escapes out of Nashville. We talked about a few of our favs:

For the snow bunnies: Whistler, British Columbia – We recommend booking a loft with friends on

For the beach bums: Cancun, Mexico – We recommend booking an all-inclusive resort.

For the outdoorsy: Great Smoky Mountains – We recommend cabin rentals from

We ran out of time on air, but wanted to mention that we’ve partnered with on our next trip to NYC, and we’re offering our readers a 10% discount on “Express Deals” hotel bookings if you book before 2/28/18! Just head to and click “Express Deals.”


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Top 10 Nude Beach/Resorts in the U.S.

January 12, 2018

This has been one of the most “revealing” topics I’ve ever researched. Things I’ve learned… most nude resorts have trailers, people can actually play tennis naked, there are a lot of swinger resorts (which is not what I will be discussing in this post.)

I’ve searched high and low on the internet and seen tonza private parts to find the best of the best for you all when it comes to nude resorts and beaches. I had to really weed out the bad ones and believe me there were some BAD ones! Here are the top 10 NUDE beaches/resorts in the U.S. 

Sea Mountain Resort, California

Amidst the desert scene just below the Santa Rose foothills lies the Sea Mountain Resort, an adult only clothing optional getaway. Whether you want to relax at their spa and tan in the garden. Or, get a bit more rowdy and sip cocktails by the pool or show off ALL your moves at the nude dance party, this place seems to have quite the offering. The rooms are actually legit rooms (that was hard to find) and the crowd seems a bit more lively than other locations.

Caliente Resorts, Florida 

This resort seems to me like the best of all! The place itself looks beautiful, like a regular resort (unlike all the others.) They have lots of parties listed on their event calendar, so if you’re looking to meet people and get a little wild this seems like the spot. It seems busy and fun! *If I were going to a nude resort I would pick this one.

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort, Florida

Cypress Cove has nice rooms and an all over great resort. They seem to have quite a few activities including boating, tennis, line dancing and even Chinese Wand exercise classes. SCORE! You can also enjoy the spa, gym or newly remodeled rooms while being naked.

Moshup Beach, Martha’s Vineyard

The Gay Head cliffs serve as a backdrop to this beautiful beach on the Atlantic coast. It is quite cold, but the location is picturesque. Apparently, the far end of the beach is where the nudists congregate. The Vineyard is a fun place to stroll around, but has a very preppy atmosphere, which makes this nude bohemian beach an even more thrilling visit. 

South Padre Beach, Texas

Also known as “UFO Beach” is a peaceful, secluded getaway to bathe in the buff. Although, you might want to find a spot behind a dune. They do patrol the area, so make sure to have a cover up/towel and use discretion if there are other sunbathers, especially those suited up beach goers. However, the beach looks quite beautiful. 

Haulover Beach, Flordia

Almost year round beautiful weather at this stunning Miami beach. 0.4 miles of the beach is designated for nudists, so make sure to stay within those perimeters. It seems to get very populated and is great for surfing and swimming. This nude beach was on a lot of top nude beach lists, so this one should definitely be on your list! 

The Banana Patch, Hawaii

It would be difficult for this nudist resort to look uninviting because of its stunning location in Kona Coast. They have a few sleeping options, but I would try the tree house hideaway. You get a private hot tub and sundeck! There are quite a few activities to do as well in the area like horseback riding (which is not done nude…) and hula lessons. If you are looking to enjoy, relax, and take in the nature of Hawaii this seems like a good option. (Less of a party vibe here.)  

Hawaii’s Nude Beaches 

Hawaii just has way too many beautiful nude beaches. Here is a list to check out by Trip Savvy. 

Hippie Hollow, Texas

Located on Lake Travis in Austin, TX. This has more of a wild party vibe with boats lined up with water slides, coolers of beer and lots and lots of people. Think Red Neck Yacht club when you think of Hippie Hollow. TBH it looks like a blast. 

Rock Lodge Nudist Club, New Jersey

Boasts a friendly atmosphere and is known to be family oriented. The Club promotes pot luck dinners, nude boating and volleyball. There is no lodging at the club, but plenty of nearby B&B’s and campsites. 





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Next Vacay Airfare Alerts

December 26, 2017
next vacay travel

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Alright guys, you know that we’re all about finding deals for upcoming travel both domestic and international, so we were excited and skeptical to hear about a new site called Next Vacay. The lowdown: An annual membership fee of $25, and customized travel tips based on your preferred airports and ideal destinations.

Our concern: How is this different from free sites like Airfare Watchdog or Get The Flight Out?

Our finding: Next Vacay is a company full of PEOPLE. Yes, human beings who can answer the phone and aren’t just outsourced customer service. These are the people who are researching deals, not just bots. The owners are also a super kind and friendly couple who are passionate about travel, and turned their passion into a business. Sound familiar?! What separates them from the rest is you don’t have to do any of the work. You simply plug in your preferred airports and ideal destinations, and you receive emails with the best deals.

Thanks to Next Vacay, we’ve realized international flights out of Atlanta are much cheaper. This wouldn’t have been on our preferred airports list had they not mentioned it. It’s only a four hour drive from Nashville, and we’ve been dying to visit ATL! Two birds with one stone, and much more affordable. This is perfect for anyone who’s been looking for a reason to visit a specific U.S. city.

Here’s a couple of the email alerts we’ve received, so you have a better idea of how it works:

next vacay alerts

Short and sweet emails that tell you how quickly to book, and for which months. When you click on the blue link in the email, it takes you to Google Flights with suggested travel dates to ensure the lowest price. We’re SUPER excited to announce that we will be booking the next best flight alert to either France, Italy, or Spain during April or May. Tune in to our social media @wanderlustgirls to find out what deal we find!

If you think about it, you’re basically paying $25 a year for a full-time flight tracker. This is the perfect membership for the avid wanderluster. Explore your country more, and explore the world as well.

Sign up today and enjoy a one-month free trial (and anytime cancellation) —

xx, WanderLust Girls