6 Engagement Rings You’ll Want On Your Finger

April 24, 2017

We’re at that age where everyone we know is getting married, getting engaged or having a kid………….. we are so far from that point it’s scary. In fact most people just assume we are a couple. In case you were wondering, we are not. Just best friends, roommates, blood sisters (but not actually related,) and soul mates. 

Quite a few of our friends have actually requested our help when it comes to proposals, ring shopping, and wedding planning in general. So, we figured you guys may like some help as well. One of our fav sites to peruse for engagement rings is PrimeStyle. They have so many options and it’s all very reasonably priced. I’ve rounded up some beautiful rings above that range in style.  

Which ring would you like if you were being proposed to? I like the top right the best, but it keeps changing every few minutes. 

Xx, Emily 

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