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Foodie Mexico City

November 27, 2017
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foodie mexico

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guzina oaxaca

Isn’t it amazing how much you can learn about one culture’s food in a day or two?! Almost immediately after we checked into the Hotel Condesa DF, we headed to Guzina Oaxaca (pronounced wa-haca) for dinner. We absolutely loved the creative mezcal cocktails, especially the one featured in the last photo because it came in a mini clay gasoline tank. If you dine there, be sure to try the delicious tuna tostadas.

The next morning we did a food tour from casual breakfast joints, to fresh juice carts on the street. This brings me to the biggest achievement of the trip… I ATE GRASSHOPPERS. Just look at that close up photo. Other than cringing when their little legs touched my mouth, I found them to be relatively tasteless. Apparently they’re super healthy for you, so I was proud of myself. Thank you to our lovely guide Anais for expanding our palettes! Below are some of our fav joints from our two-day journey in Mexico City:

Coffee shop: Almanegra (aka black soul… so us!)

Breakfast restaurant: Cafe Nin (get a pastry!)

Lunch/dinner restaurant: Salacia

Last but obviously not least, be sure to stop for sweets wherever you see them! We were thrilled to find these tequila chocolates. There’s even a chocolate musuem… a city after our own hearts.

xx, WanderLust Girls

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