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Goat Yoga is Real

January 6, 2018


goat yoga nashville

wanderlust girls goat yoga

Goat yoga is real, and it’s HILARIOUS. If you live in Nashville or are visiting for a few days, drive 20 minutes outside of town to Madison and go to Shenanigoats. Little baby goats in pajamas jump from back to back, and sometimes nuzzle on your lap for a quick nap. The yoga itself is what you make of it. The instructor was great and many people worked up a sweat. I on the other hand pretty much just laughed and took photos the whole way through. Basically it’s a damn good time no matter what. Give them a call or sign up for a class on their website.

Shenanigoats – 1046 Westchester Dr, Madison, TN

xx, WanderLust Girls

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