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How miraDry Changed My Life!

December 9, 2016

How miraDry Changed My Life!

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I’m going to start this article by being as honest as possible, I used to sweat profusely under my arms. It’s something people (especially women) are always embarrassed to admit, and more embarrassed to let show. Me? I’m an open book. I used to be one sweaty b*tch. I was one of the many who suffer from hyperhidrosis, and it affected me every single day and night. My entire wardrobe was black, and all my tops were loose under the arms. Everyone thought I hated color, when the truth was I literally couldn’t wear it. I would marvel at a brightly colored dress in a clothing store, and gaze in envy at a woman in a snug sweater strolling by me. 

For years I have been on the hunt for a cure. I tried medicated deodorant, sweat block wipes, and was seriously considering Botox. This past Summer I was out to dinner with some beauty and health professionals when one woman asked me, “Have you heard of miraDry?” I immediately lit up, intrigued by the name, and eager to find out if I could benefit from this new treatment. The moment I got home that night I was researching everything about this procedure. Here’s what convinced me to give it a chance: it’s non-surgical, and you only have to do it ONCE. Can we all let this sink in? No surgery. No follow up. I booked my appointment with Dr. Shridharani at Luxurgery NYC, and this was my whole experience:


I highly suggest doing this in the Fall/Winter months so that you can wear long sleeves during the “healing” process. Shave your armpits the night before. Eat a hearty meal and drink water before your procedure.


Dr. Shridharani insured me the only pain I would feel was from the numbing injections, which were barely even a pinch. I questioned if he were telling the truth, but I kid you not I felt nothing during the actual treatment. Here’s how it went: I laid down and placed a gown over my chest. After the numbing injections worked their magic, a wonderful nurse administrator marked my armpit with an ink template. She then grabbed the wand-like instrument and placed it on my armpit. There is slight suction, and miraWave™ energy is delivered killing your sweat and odor glands. It took about 30-45 minutes per armpit. I sat there comfortably watching TV and chatting with the administrator. What made me the most at ease was the fact that she had this procedure done a few months before, and raved about her results. I was in an out of Luxurgery NYC in about two hours.


For three or four days after the procedure, my armpits were swollen and sore, but nothing some ice packs and ibuprofen couldn’t help. Three days after I was out and about, I just had to be careful with dramatic movement arm movement. I mentioned in the prep to do this in Fall or Winter because I did see some lumps and very light bruising in my armpits for one to two months afterwards. Everyone’s recovery will obviously not be the exact same, but these were my personal observations. In the photo above, I am wearing an army green silk blouse. Before miraDry, this shirt would have had black circles under my armpits within minutes of me wearing it. Today, I raise my arms up and say, “Bring it on, sleeves.”

If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, please feel free to email me with any more questions and concerns you have:

 xx, Abigail

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    Thanks for share this ….

  • Reply Carrie S March 4, 2017 at 1:06 pm

    Abigail, Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with Miradry. I am also considering getting this procedure and was considering the same clinic, Luxurgery. Do you mind telling me how much it costs? Thanks again!

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