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Leather Looks in the Park

February 7, 2018

Emily – Off the shoulder leather, Bloomingdales. Skirt, ASOS. Boots, Duo Boots

Abigail – Top, Style Mafia. Skirt, French Connection. Boots, Duo Boots

It was freezing, but we had to jump at the opportunity to shoot with Lindsay Binkley around Centennial Park. We love how moody the lighting was on this frigid overcast day. Is it bad that when the weather is overcast it’s totally our vibe? Emo girls. We decided to go with this dark aesthetic and wear all black with lots of leather. As if that is out of the ordinary… Okay, so we dressed basically as if we were going to the grocery store. 

I got this off the shoulder leather jacket and have been so obsessed with it. It’s got all the Sandra Dee vibes after she changed into a cool person though. It has been difficult to find the right bottom to go with it since I don’t love wearing pants. I’m more of a skirt/dress type of girl. I decided to pair it with a simple leather mini skirt to give the illusion that it is actually one piece. I like it as a dress! Yay/nay?? No look of mine is complete without over  the knee boots. I just received this pair from Duo Boots and they are super comfortable!! Can’t wait to strut them up and down the streets of Nashville. I’m most excited about being here in Nashville because I won’t ruin my boots on the streets of NYC anymore. Now, I can hop in a car instead of traipsing on uneven sidewalks through potholes and snow or even worse salt! My shoes will actually last for more than a season, wohoo!! 

Abigail was sporting this ultra sleeve top from Style Mafia. We’re obsessed with it. Paired with a front zip skirt, some fun tights and her new slate gray ankle boots. It’s got a bit of a witchy vibe. (She’s going to love me for saying that… we take the witch compliments in the best way possible. It’s actually the goal.) What do you think of these looks? 

Xx, Emily 

P.S. Doesn’t the pic where we are sitting in the dead grass remind you of Dr. Seuss?

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