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Photo Art by Glenn Garner

August 27, 2017
wanderlust girls pop art

photo art

Photos and photo art by Glenn Garner.

A huge thank you to Glenn Garner for making us realize how boring our photos have gotten. Shooting with him was an absolute blast, and his photo art outcome has us completely blown away. Doing what we do should be fun and expressive. We’re so tired of everyone doing the same thing. We’re pledging to make our content more artistic, fun, and interesting! Tune in for more.




Hot Air Balloon Festival

August 22, 2017

We LOVE an activity. I’m sure you can tell by now this is the case from our Instagram/blog (i.e. archery, jet skiing, snow mobiling… the list goes on.) So, when I knew we would be home in Massachusetts for a few weeks I decided to hit the internet hard and check out what was snappin’ in our old stomping grounds. The first thing that kept coming up was the Hudson Elks Hot Air Balloon Festival. 

This is something that has been on my bucket list for quite some time. I THINK I want to go up in one, but I don’t have the guts yet, so getting the view from solid land is as far as we’ve gotten. However, even from land this view was breathtaking. The balloons went up at 6am and 6pm. We choose the sunset session to get that amazing glow backdrop. We went a bit early to hit as many food trucks as possible before it began. Brownies, ice cream, beer, pizza… the works. There was some great blue grass music filling the field with fun tunes. (We’re big blue grass fans. I think I want to take up the banjo. Anyone else out there in this blog world a banjo fan?) 

After we came down from our sugar high we sat down on a big blanket and watched as the balloons took off one by one. It was so amazing to see all of them in the air at once. However, once they go up they take off really fast. This is definitely a great date night idea. It’s so romantic! 

Which was your favorite balloon? We decided if we become millionaires we’re going to get a black and white striped balloon or maybe one with a skull and crossbone on it. Would you guys go up in a hot air balloon? (I can’t decide if I feel comfortable going up in a wicker basket run by an open flame. Thoughts?! 

Xx, Emily