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Because of Playboy…

September 28, 2017


Most of you don’t know this, but we actually became a company because of Playboy. We were saddened to hear the news today of Hugh Hefner’s passing (age 91) because his brand had such a big impact on our lives. 

When Abigail and I first started our blog we really had no clue what we were doing as far as shifting from a passion to a full fledged business. Back in 2011 I for some reason became obsessed with Groupon. (Gotta love a deal. Although, I think it’s ironic because I rarely ever find anything on sale.) I found a company advertising on Groupon called Burlesque Bikini Bootcamp. We are not big fans of working out, but dressing up and learning a dance is right up our ally. I reached out and requested to do an exchange, blog post for a complimentary class. Keep in mind the movie Burlesque had recently come out and whatever she was doing looked so fun. 

On the day of the class Abigail and I show up in thigh high boots, fishnets, corsets, boas, big hair and glitter everywhere. As we walked into the room we looked around and realized not only were we the only ones dressed up (everyone else was in stretchy pants and baggy t-shirts) but there was also a camera crew there taping for a morning news channel. Thank God there are two of us. If it was just me I would have bounded out of there never to be seen again in the state of NY.

The class also was a regular workout class… no dances, just push ups. Feathers were flying all around. Needless to say, we looked insane. One woman in the class noticed us and got our information from the instructors. She asked us to lunch and well, we had just graduated from college so… hell yes free lunch! On our way there we decided to reread the email to see what we were getting into. We realized she was the Global CreativeDirector/VP of Design for Playboy Licensing. Holy moly. Did they want us to pose? Should we?! 

Rest assured she did not want us to pose. But she did end up hiring us to style Playboy’s next ad campaign based on our style and blog! This was the first real job we had ever done. We didn’t even know how to steam clothing at that point… we literally googled it. Playboy flew us to Chicago (their headquarters at the time) for the big photoshoot. After we returned we had to become a company to cash our check. So, the day we got the check in the mail we marched across the street to the bank and formed our company WanderLust Fashion LLC. 

Playboy was a major turning point in our lives. We will be forever grateful to Hugh Hefner’s iconic brand and of course to Rebecca Szymczak for allowing us to be apart of the Playboy world. The pictures above are a few of our favorite Playboy moments we’ve experienced. 

RIP Hugh

Xx, Emily 

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