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Red Duster Coat

January 23, 2017








Red duster coat, Zara. Vegan leather pants, Aritzia. Boots, Dunnes. Beanie, Bex NYC.

What an amazing time in Boston! We’ll give a full recap of the absolutely stunning Langham hotel later this week. However, I wanted to post my go to look this past weekend because it went so well with the awnings outside of the hotel. We were waiting for our ride, so I decided to snap some pics of all this red. Let’s be honest… such a bright color is quite out of character for me. I kind of love this major splash though. Don’t get any ideas, it’s just one jacket. It’s not going to be a regular thing. 

We picked up this red duster coat at Zara recently during their major sale! Cha-ching! We actually used it for a styling project we just wrapped and cannot wait to show you all! For now it’s still hush hush… but the red is a major hint for this brand 😉 I paired it with lots of black, so I wouldn’t go into shock. I’ve also been living in these gray snakeskin boots I picked up on our recent trip to Ireland! They just make me feel so rock n’ roll.

I know we didn’t really get a chance to talk about New Years and resolutions and all that. Resolutions are a big deal to me, I love getting a great fresh start to a year. This year one of my most important ones was, be more rock n’ roll. So, here is the start. That also means we’ll be at way more concerts, wearing lots of cool thrift finds and well just being our normal wild selves. So, make sure to follow us on Instagram @WanderLustGirls and on snapchat at WanderLust-Girl. 

Xx, Emily 


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