Rock n’ Roll Valentine

February 9, 2017







Rock n’ Roll Valentine 

Jacket & Skirt, Zara. Bodysuit, Victoria’s Secret. Boots, Ted & Muffy. Sunnies, Banana Republic.

Valentine’s day is that one day when you can be extra girly and wear pink and ruffles and gorge in massive amounts of chocolate. I will be partaking in one of those things. Hint: it’s most definitely the chocolate thing. So, what do you do if you are SO not the ruffles type of girl. This a question with many different answers. My answer will always be, leather. I’ve always wanted to pair this patent leather red skirt with my cropped red leather jacket from Zara. Valentine’s just seemed like a great opportunity!

This sign has always reminded me of one special that meant a great deal to me. I read it with excitement and also sadness, but I’m always happy to see it. It reminds me I’m not a robot and in fact I do have emotions, despite how much leather I wear. Just kidding I’m super emotional. I’m just trying to sound cool. I cry anytime I watch ballet, or an old person drop something. It’s pretty pathetic. 

Okay, enough about me, more about outfits. I even took this look a step farther to get far far away from the edge of frilly girl. Over-the-knee boots! My favorite type of boot, if you couldn’t tell. Threw on some burgundy shades and black tights, because… well, it’s still February and it’s freezing in NYC. 

What do you plan to wear for Valentine’s day? I’d love to hear! Don’t forget Valentine’s doesn’t mean a holiday for only couples. Have fun, dress up and drink lots of champagne 😉 

Xx, Emily 

P.S. No more roots thanks to Arrojo! Stay tuned for a full post! It feels so good to be a bright blonde again. I feel like myself.

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