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Champagne Sunset Sail Through Vimbly

June 5, 2017
vimbly statue of liberty

vimbly new york city

vimbly new york

vimbly nyc


Last week we set sail at sunset with Classic Harbor Line for their champagne cruise. It was absolutely magical. I have lived in NYC for almost 10 years and sometimes you don’t really get to see how beautiful New York City really is… mostly because you are stuck in the middle of it and just see lots of trash and scaffolding….. amongst other gross things. It was such a wonderful experience to get outside of hub bub and just look at our city from afar. Most importantly while sipping champagne (my favorite!) 

The skyline photos were absolutely stunning. We attempted so many times to take pics of ourselves, but the wind was not helping us. The captain of the boat was laughing at us in our attempts. It’s all for you guys though. We embarrass ourselves for you. We decided to go all out and be super cheesey and match in these Cynthia Rowley x Macy’s floral embroidered bombers. How cute are we?? I mean, how cute are these jackets?? (lol We are anything but.) We were channeling Cousin It in these pics apparently. 

We got these cruise tickets through Vimbly, which I’ve spent hours perusing. It’s addicting. We WanderLust Girls love a deal. They have so many cool activities that I would never have even thought were offered in NY and even better they are at a discounted rate! When Vimbly asked us to choose which activity we would like to do it was a long hard decision. It came down to chocolate making, samurai sword classes, fencing, or the cruise. We were in the mood to be on water, but I can guarantee you we will be trying these other activities out very soon.

Check out the Vimbly site and let us know what activities you would want to do!

Xx, Emily  


Celebrity Edge

March 14, 2017


Bouncin’ in the club where the heat is on
All night on the beach til the break of dawn.
I’m going to Miami, welcome to Miami

What a 12 hours! Yesterday Abigail and I woke up at the crack of dawn (aka pulled an all nighter) to hop in an uber and head to LaGuardia airport. We were met by some of our favorite blogger friends, who we would take a little journey with. We boarded a private plane and were Miami bound (if you couldn’t tell from the Will Smith lyrics… and yes, we sang this the whole trip. I feel like if we didn’t it would have been a real missed opportunity.) 

Celebrity Cruises had a big reveal of “Celebrity Edge” yesterday. Their new ship that will hit the seas in December 2018! As of yesterday they began taking bookings and by the end of the day a ton of rooms were gobbled up. This is the first new cruise ship they have built and designed in over 10 years. They brought on some really incredible people to help create this new incredible ship, like Nate Berkus who signed on as Design Ambassador. 

Since they didn’t actually have the ship, we had to do things a bit differently. We saw a presentation of what the ship, rooms and decks would look like. But, Celebrity Cruises went a step further. I’m talkin’ VR further. We put on some horrifying glasses and giant slipper shoes and stepped into a room and took a virtual reality tour of what the ship will look like. Fully equipped with Sim like characters walking around, swimming, and flirting. Once the glasses were off we even got to walk around some mock ups of the rooms. Think bigger! The beds are now bigger, the bathrooms are bigger (thank God) and they even had infinite verandas. 

The coolest thing though will for sure be the “magic carpet.” A movable deck that will go from floor to floor. The point was to be even closer to the ocean in all ways on the ship. They even face the lounge chairs on the deck out toward the ocean… way better than watching the belly flop competition. 

The ship looked more like a luxurious hotel than a cruise ship. You can see more of the pics here on Travel Weekly’s post. After our tour we got to sit outside and soak up as much sun as possible in their mock cabanas before heading back to this blizzard. We also had some delicious cocktails and apps all day. Plus lots and lots of champagne on the plane! We even had a police escort from the airplane to the ship. Okay, now I’m bragging, but it was a total Beyoncé moment. 

Thank you SO much to Celebrity Cruises for the mini (much needed) escape to Miami! Check our Insta story while it’s still up for even more sneak peeks at the day. 

Xx, Emily