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Next Vacay Airfare Alerts

December 26, 2017
next vacay travel

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Alright guys, you know that we’re all about finding deals for upcoming travel both domestic and international, so we were excited and skeptical to hear about a new site called Next Vacay. The lowdown: An annual membership fee of $25, and customized travel tips based on your preferred airports and ideal destinations.

Our concern: How is this different from free sites like Airfare Watchdog or Get The Flight Out?

Our finding: Next Vacay is a company full of PEOPLE. Yes, human beings who can answer the phone and aren’t just outsourced customer service. These are the people who are researching deals, not just bots. The owners are also a super kind and friendly couple who are passionate about travel, and turned their passion into a business. Sound familiar?! What separates them from the rest is you don’t have to do any of the work. You simply plug in your preferred airports and ideal destinations, and you receive emails with the best deals.

Thanks to Next Vacay, we’ve realized international flights out of Atlanta are much cheaper. This wouldn’t have been on our preferred airports list had they not mentioned it. It’s only a four hour drive from Nashville, and we’ve been dying to visit ATL! Two birds with one stone, and much more affordable. This is perfect for anyone who’s been looking for a reason to visit a specific U.S. city.

Here’s a couple of the email alerts we’ve received, so you have a better idea of how it works:

next vacay alerts

Short and sweet emails that tell you how quickly to book, and for which months. When you click on the blue link in the email, it takes you to Google Flights with suggested travel dates to ensure the lowest price. We’re SUPER excited to announce that we will be booking the next best flight alert to either France, Italy, or Spain during April or May. Tune in to our social media @wanderlustgirls to find out what deal we find!

If you think about it, you’re basically paying $25 a year for a full-time flight tracker. This is the perfect membership for the avid wanderluster. Explore your country more, and explore the world as well.

Sign up today and enjoy a one-month free trial (and anytime cancellation) —

xx, WanderLust Girls

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Jackd Up Nashville with TripAdvisor

December 19, 2017

I’m sure you guys have gotten the hint by now, but clearly we love monster trucks. We recently partnered with TripAdvisor to check out some of the cool tours and activities Nashville has to offer. Jack’d Up Nashville caught our eye immediately and we booked ASAP! I’m glad we worked with Trip Advisor on this piece because we never would have known that half of these really fun experiences exist in our new city. 

Our driver Big E was THE MAN! He gave us a very thorough tour of downtown Nashville. When I mean thorough, I mean thorough. He even showed us a famous mens bathroom at The Hermitage Hotel that apparently lots of women visit. It was beautiful, so I can see why. He risked his life numerous times to get great shots of us. We saw some amazing murals, got lots of historical facts, incredible views of Nashville’s skyline and even cruised down Broadway. 

I recently waited in line 2 hours at Third Man Records (Jack White’s record shop in Nashville) to get his new children’s book “We’re Going to be Friends” and go to his reading. Unfortunately, they ran out of tickets by the time I got to the door. Needless to say, I was annoyed. Big E offered to stop at Third Man Records so I could pick up a copy during our tour.

Thank you to Big E and Trip Advisor for the experience. Make sure to check our Instagram for a video post of our experience booking and riding around on the back of a jack’d up truck through Nashville. If you’re looking to book something fun for you and your family or friends while visiting Nashville I highly suggest this. It truly embodies Nashville. As we drove around I felt like I like this is the view of the city I was looking for.

Xx, Emily


Aloft Hotel for Franklin, TN Vacation

December 14, 2017

aloft hotels pool

aloft hotels tennessee

aloft hotel

Another lovely stay at the Aloft Hotel in Cool Springs. As we’ve told you, we’re totally smitten by the town Franklin and it’s magical little village called Leiper’s Fork. If you can’t manage to book a house through Pot N’ Kettle cottages, the Aloft is just four miles from downtown Franklin! (Franklin itself does not yet have a hotel… key word YET.)

If you’ve never visited an Aloft, it’s the perfect affordable stay for families with kids (check out that pool) and for single travelers (aka pool table, snack bar, and happy hours.) Their best feature is their squishy snooze-approved beds and pillows. Thank you Aloft for another fun, no-fuss visit.

Aloft Hotel – 7109 South Springs Drive, Franklin

xx, WanderLust Girls