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Champagne Sunset Sail Through Vimbly

June 5, 2017
vimbly statue of liberty

vimbly new york city

vimbly new york

vimbly nyc


Last week we set sail at sunset with Classic Harbor Line for their champagne cruise. It was absolutely magical. I have lived in NYC for almost 10 years and sometimes you don’t really get to see how beautiful New York City really is… mostly because you are stuck in the middle of it and just see lots of trash and scaffolding….. amongst other gross things. It was such a wonderful experience to get outside of hub bub and just look at our city from afar. Most importantly while sipping champagne (my favorite!) 

The skyline photos were absolutely stunning. We attempted so many times to take pics of ourselves, but the wind was not helping us. The captain of the boat was laughing at us in our attempts. It’s all for you guys though. We embarrass ourselves for you. We decided to go all out and be super cheesey and match in these Cynthia Rowley x Macy’s floral embroidered bombers. How cute are we?? I mean, how cute are these jackets?? (lol We are anything but.) We were channeling Cousin It in these pics apparently. 

We got these cruise tickets through Vimbly, which I’ve spent hours perusing. It’s addicting. We WanderLust Girls love a deal. They have so many cool activities that I would never have even thought were offered in NY and even better they are at a discounted rate! When Vimbly asked us to choose which activity we would like to do it was a long hard decision. It came down to chocolate making, samurai sword classes, fencing, or the cruise. We were in the mood to be on water, but I can guarantee you we will be trying these other activities out very soon.

Check out the Vimbly site and let us know what activities you would want to do!

Xx, Emily  

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