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Calico Junction

I wanted to continue Abigail's birthday, but this time outdoors. Now that we live in Nashville, we have access to so much natural beauty. It is only right that we take advantage of it. Or, at least make up for all the years we spent in the concrete jungle without a blade of grass in sight. Calico Junction Ranch were amazing enough to help us celebrate with an evening trail ride on horseback.

First, we each picked out a horse and hopped on. We have both only ridden a few times, so our guides assured us that the horses were very calm and sweet. I rode Thunder and Abigail took to Willow (the lighter horse.) We did an hour trail ride. However, if you prefer you can do two hours and even on some days do a dinner after. The trail was not too difficult, yet still challenging.

Basically it didn't feel like we were riding a carousel horse. As we rode through the trail we made a pitstop at an old building and got a bit of the history. I would say unfortunately we got some inclement weather about half way through our ride, but it was not unfortunate. It was actually so magical. Riding a horse in the POURING rain... it was like being in a movie. (Okay, now I sound like my mom.) We threw our arms back and just embraced the fact that we were sopping wet. So much nature!

This whole experience was so incredible and Calico Junction Ranch really went out of their way to make the experience special! They also do some pretty admirable things besides just give these horses a good trot. Check out their non-profit work here, as if we needed more reason to want to go. If you do make it there, tell Jim the WanderLust Girls sent you if you go for a ride and tag us with a horseback selfie!

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