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Cambria Hotel Nashville for the Holidays

Now that we don't live together we miss our late night hangs and laughing till all hours of the morning! We were psyched when we had the chance to do a girls staycation at the Cambria Hotel right here in Nashville during the holiday season.

We were fully prepared with our festive silky PJ's, boardgames and magazines! As much as we wanted to stay up all night gossiping we got such a good night sleep on this super comfy bed. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable hotel bed, but believe us the Cambria did not disappoint. It's super bouncy... I mean just look at the air Abigail got!

I've been renovating a house all year (or has it been two years now... losing track of time) and Abigail is decorating a new apartment, so we are always searching for the best decor. We absolutely NEED the barbed wire pillows. It totally goes with our dungeon aesthetic. Well done, Cambria!

Unfortunately, it was super rainy when we had our stay, so we didn't want to go explore the area. Luckily, they have an awesome bar area with amazing local musicians. We had so much fun dressing up in matching metallic dresses (stay tuned for that post) sipping some cocktails and taking in Music City's music.

Such a wonderful stay! We highly recommend this to our followers who will be coming into Nashville for a visit!

xx, WanderLust Girls

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