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Jac Langheim S/S 2012

What do you do when designer, Jac Langheim, calls you up and asks, "want to come over and try on my entire new collection?" You hop in a taxi ASAP, strip down, cover yourself in baby powder, and slip/hoist yourself into next seasons hottest latex creations.

It took all of our power not to drool on all of the samples, because that mixed with baby powder and latex is not a good combo. (Think Ross and his leather pants!) This season she went color, color, color and we are totally lusting these bright combinations. Our favorite part? How slimming latex is, and surprisingly comfortable!

Elias snapped these pics while we were dancing around Jac's studio, as assistants attempted to pin and twerk the pieces. Dangerous? Probably... but there is something about Jac's pieces that makes us want to live on the edge :)

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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