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Nashville Interiors Feature

What an honor! Our WanderLust HQ (my home) was recently published in Nashville Interiors Magazine! When we first moved to Nashville leaving behind our small NYC apartment we were in for a big change. And by big change, we mean saying goodbye to rent payments and hello to mortgages and a lot more square footage for our closets. The home I purchased was a total fixer upper. In stead of looking at it as a daunting task we looked at it as an opportunity to make it a home us WanderLust Girls would be proud of.

By that, we mean super emo and rock n' roll. We're talking every detail, from the light fixtures, to the flooring to the outlet covers. The best part is we were able to incorporate many Nashville artists in the making of our Halloween home. Our dining room table is a custom piece by Jeff Harrison. It's a coffin table that even hinges open. We also took my Grandfathers chair and upholstered it with a local company Old Hickory Sewing and Upholstery. It transformed into a Beetlejuice masterpiece thanks to their skillful hands. The most important thing about our home is that we customized it to be unique and totally us, like our piano. It was a simple brown upright and we had it painted silver with black lightning bolts down the sides. I think Elton John would be proud. Even our couch by Interior Define was made custom on their website!

We finalized the home with lots of Halloween touches that will be used as regular decor. Hollie Deese, publisher at Nashville Interiors described our home as "Tim Burton meets disco cowboy" and we think she hit the nail on the head. What do you guys think?

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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