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Nelson Green Brier Distillery

We've arrived in Nashville! We are celebrating our 16 year friendiversary (aka sweet sixteen or sixteen candles.) On our first full day we had to do what seemed right... drink whiskey. What better than the local Nelson's Green Brier Distillery? We were totally into the history part of the tour thanks to our guide Austin. Let's just say there may be some sunken treasure, and the only way you'll know about it is by taking this tour. I feel my whiskey IQ is much higher now, and our distillery jargon is top notch #AngelsShare.

Thank you to the (sexy) Nelson brothers for having us in today. We will forever treasure our first whiskey distillery experience, and seek out Belle Meade Bourbon and Tennessee Whiskey.

1414 Clinton St Nashville, TN 37203

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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