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Scandinave Spa - Whistler, B.C.

When we're at a spa in New York City you can usually hear the soothing sounds of car honks and take in beautiful views of trash and other buildings....... I think by my tone you can tell by now I'm being sarcastic. After seeing Scandinave Spa baths in Whistler BC we understand the true meaning of peaceful relaxation. It is just minutes from the hub bub, but you can completely ignore it since it is located in the woods.

Just as we got there the snow began to fall making the experience even more magical. If you're curious how the Scandinave spa baths work, it is pretty simple:

Step one: Heat for 10-15 minutes. (This means going into either their steam room or hot tub.) Step two: Cold for 10-20 seconds. (They have icy cold pools or an ice shower.) Step three: Relax for 10-15 minutes. (They have rooms specifically for just straight chillin' or even a cute little outdoor fireplace.) They suggested we do the step 1-3 rotation three times. We didn't think we could actually survive the cold baths. It was tough, but felt incredible after! The baths are supposed to have energizing and relaxation effects, both were very necessary.

I can't reiterate how beautiful this location is. There was even a "Be Bear Aware" sign (which you may have seen on our Instagram story @WanderLustGirls) on the walk up to the spa. Just to show how remote it really is. Luckily, the bears were still hibernating. Although, admittedly we still "power" walked.... it was for exercise... If you find yourself in Whistler you MUST check out the baths. One of our favorite experiences in all of our travels so far.

Xx, WanderLust Girls

P.S. It took forever for my face to look somewhat normal in the photos going into the ice bath.

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