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The Perfect Way to Sea the City

We had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of joining Sea The City for an epic jet ski NYC tour. We've lived here for what feels like decades, and can honestly tell you we've never seen New York like this. Yes, we've been on loads of boats and ferries that give you a similar view, but now imagine you're on your own vessel going 50 mph soaring over those boats' wakes. I've literally never felt so free. We were a little nervous at first getting used to it, but after 5 minutes we were pros.

The best part is it's a quick and lovely ferry ride from Brookfield Place to the marina in Jersey City. Whether you're a tourist or a lifer, we can't express enough how much you will enjoy this experience. Book your own adventure by clicking below, and feel free to mention us for a free photo package! BOOK NOW WITH SEA THE CITY

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