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Witches Go To The Ballet

This past weekend Abigail and I went to Lincoln Center to see The Sleeping Beauty at the David Koch Theatre. This is basically what it would look like if Morticia & Morticia went to the ballet. What an incredible experience! It's unbelievable how effortless they make it look. I attempted a few of the moves when I got home.......... lets just say, I should stick to blogging.

But seriously, wow. I'm still in awe. Abigail and I love to get dressed up! It makes us sad when people stop getting dressed up to attend broadway shows and special events. However, we're over their lack luster sensibility. We dress up every time, even if we may be a bit out of place. Just because we're wearing a fancy dress doesn't mean we have to abandon who we are either. Our fancy look is what we call Morticia chic. Long black gowns with dark purple lipstick and sky high heels of course. We are lusting after everything Allen Schwartz (the designer of our gorgeous gowns) lately. If we had a giant closet just filled with Allen Schwartz we would be very happy girls :) What do you think of our formal wear?

xx, WanderLust Girls

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