The Brand

You have reached Emily and Abigail. We can't come to the computer right now because we're out dressing fabulous and hanging with rock stars. Just kidding... but not really. We are the WanderLust Girls - aka the queens of statement style. We've been blogging and wardrobe styling for 10+ years, and we're glad you're here.
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Where it started

We've been best friends for 21 years, so our friendship can legally drink. Cheers to that! We've shared our wardrobe since the beginning, and now it's only fitting it has become a career. The blog was born in 2010 during our senior year of college. Post-graduation, we moved to Manhattan and took the fashion world by storm. After our first New York Fashion Week, we started to get hired to style lookbooks and campaigns. Fittingly, our first official client was Playboy. The business was formed just after in 2011, offering blogging, wardrobe styling, and creative direction.

How it's going

After 7 years in Manhattan, we made a massive move to Nashville, Tennessee. In pursuit of a new homebase, Music City seemed just right. The blog is still our roots, and our styling business is booming. Oh, and we still fly back to NYC for work because it still has a giant piece of our hearts!

What's next

Psst! You've made it to the page where we spill some secrets. We are in the midst of pitching a new travel TV series, and our first ever jewelry collaboration is nearing completion. Be on the lookout for both projects this Fall/Winter!

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