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Emo Ballerina

After a night out at the ballet this past weekend I was dreaming of tutu's and twirling. I headed back to Lincoln Center to be the hub of it all to post up at the iconic fountain. I absolutely love the ballet, I always wished I was a ballerina. However, I like to lean more towards the black swan look than blush pink frills.

I edged up my OOTD a bit more with my new patent leather Dr. Martens. These boots are great all year long, but especially great in the winter months when trudging through the snow. They are my "go to" over a typical snow boot. LL Bean just didn't look right at a rock show or on the back of a motorcycle. I am also very excited to have my hair back to an ultra light blonde! I had been having a bit of trouble bouncing around from salon to salon trying to find the right shade. Double process can be very difficult, but Arrojo had me covered! Bea (at the Arrojo SoHo salon) is a platinum master. She was very careful and gentle with my hair to make sure I didn't have a mohawk at the end. The salon is super hip and everyone is super friendly. Atmosphere is important to me when looking for a salon because I spend so much time there. The prices are super reasonable too! Most importantly I finally feel like myself again. Thank you Arrojo... I'm so happy I've found you. I left with some amazing products that I now use regularly.

For those of you who are blonde or have super processed hair I HIGHLY recommend these. Arrojo hair repair masque with avocado oil and keratin and the Arrojo protective thickening lotion, (to use before blowdrying.) I feel like a combo of these and regularly taking biotin has saved me from being bald after 12 years of being a double process blonde. Hope everyone is having as nice of weather as we are having here in NYC!

Xx, WanderLust Girls

P.S. Stay tuned to see our Morticia style gowns from the ballet!

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