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Halloween Costumes for Daywear

I would say we wore these looks because Halloween is right around the corner, but in all honestly that is just not the case. We wear these all year round. However, those of you who have been following us for sometime know that it really is Halloween all year for us. Can't I get hail satan? (Just kidding.) But seriously, Halloween is a lifestyle for us not just a day of the year.

Both of these dresses have been in our closet for years! Abigail's bat style look is the most comfortable dress ever. Plus, you get to flap around your arms all night and ignite the fringe into dance. Okay, getting too Danielle Steele novel over here. It's fun when a dress has a lot of movement especially in photos or when you want to be super dramatic. We also recently dyed the tips of Abigail's hair pink with Joico color butters. It was time for a change. Totally digging this color on her. It'll last for ten washes, so stay tuned for what color is next.

I love my AllSaints dress because the bottom stays where you put it and the points at the top make me feel so evil. To make this look a little less fancy and a little more fun I wore it over my skeleton top. I topped off the whole look with these new cat eye  Vint &York sunnies. I feel so retro and fab in them. Plus, who doesn't love a pair of glasses that can hid your whole face. The perfect sunnies for walk of shames, hangovers, no make up looks or just an extra touch of fabulous.

Since it is Halloween month and I'm sure you all haven't watched Hocus Pocus enough (and no 5 times is not enough...) we created a wicked fun drinking game to play while you watch. Check it out here... enjoy!

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