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Harps and Tulle

Random fact about me, I play the harp. I've actually played for 22 years. I keep it back home in Boston now, so while I was home I decided to play a bit. We got one really random nice day, like I'm talking high 50's in mid January. Okay, I guess I should rephrase... it was one random nice day in the North East. (I actually saw a man this weekend walking in shorts and a t-shirt in 30 degree weather.)

Anyways, I decided to bring my harp outside and play. It always seems way more whimsical that way. There isn't much more whimsical than harps and tulle. I recently got this long tulle skirt from KiKiRiKi sold at Foravi. This may be my new favorite brand! I saw their booth of new pieces at the FAME trade show and let me tell you, drool worthy. I kept the look simple since it is already a bit costumey with just a bodysuit and some thigh high boots all in black.

Although, I think by now you know that Abigail and I are into costumes more than normal gear. We actually have themed nights with our bestie Bex (who has an incredible lingerie line) just so we can dress up. Our last one was based on the movie Bring It On. Yes, I wore my cheerleading uniform from high school. If we're talking about more random facts, I was captain cheerleader in high school. You may not be able to tell now because I'm so emo............ Okay, I just wish I was emo. But, I have a black harp. Does that help my case? My friend actually did some photoshop fun on one of the photos, which I posted on Instagram. You should check it out @WanderLustGirls!

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