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Nerdy Chic at the NYC Library

I finally made my preliminary 2016 year to do list! For those of you who know me... this is a big deal. It's a little late because I started the New Year off with a cold. So, I decided to redo NYE this past Sunday! One of the items on my list? Finally get glasses.

I've been needing glasses for about 15 years now and I finally bit the bullet. I know I'm not wearing them in this post. However, since I've gotten them I've been trying to channel my inner nerdy self. Mostly done by playing video games and wearing school girl looks... hence todays ensemble! A little style, a little nerding today.

It was a goal of mine to figure out other ways I could wear this crop sweater in the winter. I love the way it turned out! I opted for no school girl skirt because, well, it's freezing out! These ultra flares evened out the look so it wasn't too top busy. A heavy duty necklace keeps this look in line with the WanderLust Girl aesthetic.

Another thing on my to do list this year (and also another reason for this nerdy look) is to get my NYCID card. The benefits are amazing and doing so just feels so adult. So, I headed to the library to get my forms! (I guess I am nerdier than I thought.. getting excited over a card that offers memberships to museums, the ballet, and such.)

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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