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Silver Library

ALIEN SIGHTING!! We could totally be from Mars in these silver "space girl" looks. We even sort of have our own language at this point. Do any of you have a bestie that you converse with in your own kind of twisted language? I hope it's not just us. I don't know if this is bragging or embarrassing, but the other day we had an entire conversation in "beeps." Okay, I'm embarrassed. As I wrote it hit me that it was in fact not cool. Anywaysssss, this past week we teamed up with an awesome photographer, Danielle Marie, picked up some library cards, grabbed our invisibility cloak and hit up the restricted section. Oh wait, sorry that was Harry.

We did head over to the Nashville Public Library to snap some pics. What a beautiful backdrop it gave us. It matched perfectly with our all silver looks. To be completely honest, this is not all the silver clothing we own. I think it could be considered an obsession at this point. Abigail went for a badass look pairing a motojacket with the coolest silver pants. If only she had a silver motorcycle to ride and of course, a spot for me on the back. I went for a more eclectic look and layered a lot of silver pieces. I've been really digging the skirt or dress over pants look.

It's a great way to bring your spring/summer pieces into the colder months. I decided to go all out with that theme and add a tank top over this cropped silver turtle neck. We've had a lot of exciting things going on this past week and a lot more to come. If you didn't get a chance to check out our Today in Nashville segment make sure to check it out here. Happy Monday!

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