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Thigh-high Boots

You'd think this article is about the Titans, based on our newspaper. Believe me, we could not be more hyped about how well they are doing this season!! Even though we are from Boston we are so proud to cheer for our new home team. However, this post is about the importance of a good shoe! We bought these boots by Jeffrey Campbell a long time ago and boy did they pay for themselves (a few times over.)

One day a good friend (who actually looks just like Josh Hartnett) invited us to the Steven Nash soccer foundation event in the Lower East Side. It's when professional basketball players and soccer players compete in a soccer game for charity. All we heard was soccer players and we were in. They have the best bodies, am I right? We geared up for an afternoon of looking at hot men work up a sweat all day. We rarely stray from our typical wardrobe and showed up to the astroturf field in all black and the above thigh-high boots. Needless to say, we stuck out in a sea of gym shorts and sneakers. A woman came up to us and said, "who are you guys??" She noticed our wild boots and unique outfits and came right over to us. We told her that we were wardrobe stylists and bloggers and her reply was, "I don't know how we can work together, but we have to." She handed us a card and then she was gone.

Based on her business card (without giving too much away) she had quite the job working for Major League Soccer. After a year of keeping in touch she hired us for one of our most memorable jobs! We got to style the U.S. mens World Cup soccer team!! What an experience! You can check out some of the photos here in our styling portfolio. My point is, we got hired to style for this amazing client because of these boots. It was not the only time that thigh-high boots got us a job.

We actually got hired to style for Playboy based on a look involving thigh-high boots. You can check out that story here In conclusion, be authentically you, show up, and buy yourself a badass pair of boots! Based off experience, only good things can come from thigh-high boots! If you are in need of a good pair of thigh-high boots check out our Amazon storefront here! We've picked out our favorite options. We're totally getting the cowboy boots! What about you guys??

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