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Walking Dead Emojis

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Happy Halloween everyone! It's pretty apparent that Abigail and I are mildly... okay wicked obsessed with Halloween. We've watched every non-scary Halloween movie (I peak at Harry Potter in terms of the scare factor.) We drank cider, went to pumpkin patches, carved said pumpkins, made the trip to Salem, Massachusetts, cast a few spells, and read lots of Edgar Allan Poe. This year we decided to dress as the "Walking Dead Emojis."

Anytime people refer to us via text or social media they use the dancing twin emoji. So, as an ode to them we grabbed our leotards (mine is from H&M and Abigail's is from American Apparel) and bunny ears. We already had the blonde hair, win! We were all dressed up, we did the pose in the mirror, but something just didn't seem right. What were we missing? Our jug of blood!! We never try to go as something just sexy or cute... it has to be creepy or gory, that's where the whole Walking Dead thing came into play.

Now, we were set to head out for a Halloween night. We started at our friends house and then ended the evening at Tiki Disco in Brooklyn. Another successful Halloween! Although, it's not fully over yet! We are heading to Irvington, NY in a few hours to Villa Nuits. This old mansion on the Hudson is going to be extra creepy, a spook-tacular (okay, I promise I won't use that again) night! Follow along on our social accounts (especially Instagram story) for real time updates of our All Hallows Eve.

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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