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24 hours in Verona

If you follow us on Instagram (which we hope you are) I'm sure you've seen that we have been doing quite a bit of traveling. Early this September we journeyed to Italy, some place we've been wanting to go to for years now.With just a weeks time there we wanted to see as much of Italy as we could. We started the adventure in Verona, but were only there for one night! So, here is what we did with just 24 short hours in this beautiful city. We stayed at Residenza Navona, which is in the perfect location. We could walk to everything we wanted to see. It is near the Old Market Square, lots of churches, Juliet's balcony and many delicious restaurants and shops. Not to mention the view was stunning!

I woke up, sat on the balcony and took in the noises of the city. If you're in Verona make sure you stop by Juliet's balcony and write a love note to someone special. As a major Shakespeare fan I was geeking out a little bit, but there were so many tourists I don't think anyone noticed. We spent a lot of time in the Old Market Square. Definitely check out the hidden restaurants like, Ristorante Maffei down the tiny cobblestone streets! The outdoor seating is perfect for people watching.

Of course, 24 hours was not enough time, but we did truly get to see the things we really wanted to see! Is there anything that you guys saw in Verona that we missed? We will definitely be back so we need to get our list ready!

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