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Best Boutique Hotel in Notting Hill

We half expected Hugh Grant to be sitting on the steps of The New Linden Hotel as we walked up upon arrival. He'd be tripping over his words, adjusting his snorkeling goggles and sipping a cheeky cup of tea. I guess watching Notting Hill, prior to staying in Notting Hill left our expectations a little high.

Luckily, even sans Hugh Grant the boutique hotel and entire trip was exceptional! The staff at The New Linden Hotel was so nice and we even landed an upgrade to the Honeymoon Suite! We stayed here for five nights and it was comfortable, quiet and chic.

Our room could have been called the "WanderLust Girls Suite" based solely on the decor. The striped pillows, antique black bed, glowing bathroom and red velvet love seat had us wanting to redecorate our own homes immediately upon arrival back in the states. Okay, maybe a few days later, the jet lag was all too real on the way home to Nashville.

We even had a balcony right off our room! It was a tad cold for breakfast outside, but nothing a hot tea and our Boston blood couldn't handle! I think we need to pause here for a moment and appreciate how beautiful the view of the surrounding buildings was from our balcony. Notting Hill is truly a stunning area that made coming home from a day of bustling around busy London a calming experience. The quaint streets and shops were a highlight of the trip.

New Linden Hotel, you had us at black chandelier... This hotel was the perfect place to rest our heads while in London. We're already looking forward to coming back for another stay. There was something really special about booking a boutique hotel that gave us glimmer of what life is really like in Notting Hill.

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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