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Gifts Ideas For The Social Butterfly

We've rounded up some cute gift ideas for the social butterfly in your life:

The Saturn Diaries - Part memoir, part grimoire (a book of spells), this brand new book is based on the life of a self-coined "fashion bitch turned wellness witch." Equally funny and inspiring. (Oh, and we may or may not be main characters!) ;)

Analog Disposable Camera - For the party animal who is tired of boring iPhone photos, gift this old school camera with new school technology. The product comes with a mail in bag, so when you've used all the shots, just mail in your camera and they will recycle it and email you digital photos!

Blingsting Defense Set - An obvious gift for the extrovert in your life. Keep your loved ones safe while they're out socializing, but of course, keep it stylish with these black blinged out pepper spray and alarm.

For The Girls Game - Everyone loves a pre-party game or just a stay at home game night. This game will have the girls LOLing.

Sidecar Purse Strap & Coin Purse - Even a small crossbody bag or clutch can be a nuisance when you're out and about, so we highly recommend this stylish strap and coin purse for your friend that's always on the go.

Saint Jane Eye Cream - Lastly, a social butterfly can't thrive without some rejuvenating eye cream for those late nights. We adore this brand and chic packaging.

xx, WanderLust Girls

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