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Glowing Up in 2024

First of all, this nail polish is my current fav (Raisin' the Bar by OPI Infinite Shine 2.) Second of all, I've been meaning to crack into this goal setting workbook for months. I think the bad juju of December really turned me off from "starting fresh" so here I am finally getting to it and it actually feels like the perfect time. Of course, January is always a great time to set goals and intentions or create resolutions, but 2024 is also supposed to be a really wonderful year. I say that because of numerology and astrology and all the ologies. This is the year of success and karmic payoffs!

I decided to start The Glow Up Journal in bed the other night. Yes, morning is probably a better time, but I was really feeling peaceful and calm, and it just felt right. I love that this journal is hardcover. I feel like most journals and workbooks are softcover, and it's not as official feeling. There is something about writing in a hardcover book that's so satisfying and permanent. I loved the first few pages of prompts that author Danielle Richardson concocted. MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY! That's something we all need to learn and practice.

If you're looking for some advice and writing prompts to help you visualize your year ahead, I highly recommend checking out The Glow Up Journal. Let's put pen to paper this year, and become main characters.


WanderLust Girls

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