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Glimpse into Mexico City

A glimpse into our two days exploring in Mexico City. Let's start with the sights, you can't miss the Palacio de Bellas Artes aka Palace of Fine Arts! We were pressed for time, but even just circling the outside of this massive white marble museum will leave your jaw on the ground. Photo opps left and right. Stroll the nearby Alameda Central for more beautiful white sculptures and benches to sit and enjoy the green grass and fountains.

FUN FACT: Our uber driver told us there are enough museums in Mexico City to visit one every day for a year. Unbelievable! This is a culture junkie's dream vacation. A lot of our time was spent strolling the streets of the neighborhoods Roma, Juarez, and Condesa. Between the vibrant street art and buzzing sidewalks, you can't look down in fear of missing something. I probably could have made an entire blogpost for the incredible street art we passed by. You'd be surprised how much of the city is walkable! For the foodies reading, don't worry we'll be posting the food photos in the next blogpost.

A big thank you to Mexico City fashion designer, Ricardo Seco, for dressing us during our visit! We fell in love with his brand a couple years ago a New York Fashion Week, and loved stopping by his showroom to sift through racks and racks of epic clothing. (Check out that red jacket and netted dress!) Another special thank you to Diego from Mexico City Live for inviting us to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico City. We've literally never seen a cooler crowd of people in our life. Kudos to the stylish men and women of Mexico City. We salute you.

Finally, we cannot pass over the fact that Mexico City is still dealing with a lot of destruction post earthquake. We snapped a photo of this touching candle and flower display in front of a crumbled building. Although the city is still mourning the loss of loved ones, they are piecing things back together and revenue from tourism plays a huge part in that, as it does in any community after a disaster. We were so glad we got to visit this stunning metropolis, and hope to explore it further in the future!

xx, WanderLust Girls

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