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Las Palmas Hotel - Zihuatanejo

Hello, from Zihuatanejo, Mexico! We arrived on Monday evening, and spent our first afternoon at the stunning Las Palmas Hotel on the serene Playa Blanca. The view of the ocean from the infinity pool is out of this world, and we couldn't wait to sit back and relax. We headed to the beach chairs to enjoy the waves crashing, and of course indulged in some fresh mango margaritas. You've never had a mango margarita until you've been to Zihuatanejo.

After some unbelievable guacamole and fish tacos, we took a stroll down la playa, and tested out the water. I've never felt warmer ocean water! If the waves weren't so big, you wouldn't have been able to get me out of there. It also looked all too similar to the beach in The Shallows (shout out to Blake Lively.) We then strolled over to the infinity pool where we met some fun international friends that worked at Club Med in nearby Ixtapa. I did get a little sun burnt, but I think it's turning into a tan, and we all know I desperately need one. I will be more careful with my SPF today!

Check back tomorrow for our continued coverage of #IxtapaZihuatanejo!

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