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Loews New Orleans Hotel

New Orleans during October... name a better combo! We were ecstatic to visit this city, and so happy the Loews Hotel wanted to host us. Talk about being in the heart of it all! This hotel was within walking distance of all the action, but was the perfect oasis inside to feel like you were away from the hustle and bustle. The Loews beds are absolutely to die for. Why is it hotel beds are so damn comfortable?! We'd like to order one of these beds and pillow sets, thank you. Also, check out that custom embroidered bathrobe! That is by far the sweetest welcome gift we have EVER received.

The city was everything we imagined. We really did feel transported to another world with all the fun colors and unique architecture. From brunches, to vintage shopping, to museums, to copious cocktails and a fun night dressed as The Birds for Halloween, we maximized our time in the Big Easy. Thank you Loews for the above and beyond services (hello, chocolate covered strawberries!) We can't wait to come back to this magical place again soon.

xx, WanderLust Girls

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