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Madrid Magic

Hope you've been enjoying our photos from Paris and Champagne! It wouldn't have been a Euro trip without at least one more country, so we took a short flight to Madrid. We couldn't wait to test out our new ili offline pocket translator! Currently they only offer English to Spanish, Mandarin, or Japanese, but other languages are in the works. Be sure to check out our YouTube video (linked below) ili Translator Travels in Madrid.

Our number one destination in Madrid was the Palacio de Cristal. This stunning glass palace in the middle of the park is used for exhibits and events, but is equally as gorgeous to just hang outside of. Wonder how we got that photo of the two of us? Let me tell you a story... after a long bit of fussing over our tripod on a fence pole, we finally got the right angle. I hit the timer and ran over to my position and time and time again tourists would stroll right past the camera as it hit 3-2-1. The moment came when no one was around, and wouldn't you know the SPRINKLERS GO OFF. It looks effortless, but that photo took at least 45 minutes to capture properly. Not far from the Palacio de Cristal was a beautiful man-made pond with rowboats. We didn't actually rent one, but we highly recommend it if you get the perfect day.

Our agenda also consisted of rosé in the park, shopping on and near Gran Via (the biggest shopping street in Madrid), and rooftop views. Our biggest surprise of the trip was when we realized the Real Madrid stadium was within walking distance of our hotel. We strolled over to check it out, and noticed a lot of commotion. We used our ili translator to ask a shopkeeper if there was a game tonight, and he said it was the LAST game of the season and tickets were only 10 euro. We were stunned. We ran over to the ticket booth and secured our fate for the evening's match. The stadium was booming with raucous futbol fans, and we can safely say that was one life bucket list item checked off. With only a little sampling of Spain, we can't wait to explore the coastal cities in the near future.

xx, WanderLust Girls

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