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Pelican Adventures - Aruba

How does a champagne brunch cruise in the Caribbean sound right now? During this quarantine I've been reminiscing on trips I've taken as well as plotting and planning all my adventures when this is through. Luckily, right before Covid-19 hit I was able to get in one last trip. Aruba was a dream come true and I'm so happy I got to swim and cruise the turquoise waters with Pelican Adventures. We boarded the boat along with a big group of other vacationers. Everyone seemed shy and quiet while we were docked. The hilarious staff got us acquainted with the rules and regulations of the catamaran. Then, the bar opened. Boy, did people perk up!

We had a delicious brunch and unlimited drinks while taking in the island's beauty. We made three stops to snorkel during our trip. The Malmok Reef, a WWII sunken freighter and Catalina Bay. I did not snorkel due to a pretty bad sunburn from the first day. No, sitting in a palm leaf of shade is not enough for the Aruba sun.

Regardless, each stop was more beautiful than the last. The staff was so wonderful, fun and funny! I cannot recommend this experience enough during your trip to Aruba. Pelican Adventures has many other options for boat rides. If I were there a bit longer I would absolutely have done the starlite dinner cruise... how romantic! Let me know if you have a trip planned for Aruba and I'll give you the lowdown!

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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