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Road Tripping With Your Bestie

As best friends of 22 years and travel bloggers for 10 years, we have some advice on road tripping with your bestie:

1) Stop and stare!

Too often we pass something unique or unusual on the road and don't bother stopping to enjoy it. Whether it's a funky old motel, a cool sign, or a quirky attraction, you'll be glad you pulled over for a photo opp.

2) Turn the radio off and play games!

An ideal road trip involves copious amounts of laughter. Sure we love to blare a song or two here and there, but mainly we entertain ourselves with games like would you rather.

3) Pack outfit changes or props in the trunk!

It's not the destination it's the journey, right? So why not deck the journey out in multiple looks and fun add-ons.

Xx, WanderLust Girls

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