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The Flying Ham: Nashville's Most Adorable Glamping Experience!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Vaccines are rolling out, but so many of us our still stuck refreshing pages in an attempt to get appointments. Even after vaccinated, things are not nearly back to normal and precautions must me made. That is why we began to think of safe adventures that can be had right here in beautiful Nashville!

We instantly thought of The Flying Ham. We've been following them for quite a long time on social media and have always dreamed of their retro relaxation. If you're thinking "Emily and Abigail you don't look like they would enjoy camping..." You would be absolutely correct. But let me be clear, this is not camping. This is glamping! That we can do. There are a few options for campers, but this one has two beds, a stove top, fridge, toilet and shower combo, the cutest red leather seats, a record player with records and a hammock! You can even add on outdoor movie package. WanderLust Girls in "nature" requires all of the above: outlets, showers and bed. So we're set!

Definitely check out their process on how set up works, how they bring it to your location, and their super reasonable pricing! We highly suggest picking a campground from their list. This is not the only experience The Flying Ham (also cutest name ever) offers! You can rent glamping tents for festivals, events or for camping purposes. It has cots, sleeping bags, a chandelier, and so much more! A great spot for these is in a backyard party!

The owners Morgan and Ashley, were the NICEST people ever! They offered to bring their camper to a spot for us to fulfill our dream of retro looks with their red and white camper! It called for short shorts and skirts, off the shoulder tops, giant sunnies and some mega boots. How do you think we pulled it off? What would you rather do camper or glamp tent?? Let us know in the comments below.

xx, WanderLust Girls


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