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The Westin Nashville

We've been to The Westin Nashville several times over the years and have always loved their rooftop bar, however staying at the hotel gave us a whole new perspective on the hotel! The lobby is grand and gorgeous, the rooftop is hip and exciting, but when you have a room with an expansive view of the city and a chance to visit Rhapsody Spa, you're transported to a completely relaxing oasis.

Rhapsody Spa is a haven. Dimly lit, quiet, and ultra comfortable with plush robes, lounge chairs and of course some mimosas. Don't skip the sauna, but be sure to hydrate with some spa water! The massages are positively top tier. When friends or followers ask us for a great spa recommendation, Rhapsody is high on our list.

If you're looking for the perfect hotel day at The Westin Nashville, we suggest booking a late morning visit to the spa, a leisurely afternoon in the room, and early evening dinner and drinks at the rooftop bar!

xx, WanderLust Girls

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