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We had such a great time co-hosting the Creeds Collective Influencers holiday pop up shop event in Soho on Wednesday. We co-hosted with some fabulous new friends, Billie Carroll, Neckbreakin’ Style, The Style Society Guy, and Barrett Pall.

The night was spent shopping great brands, who all give back to incredible causes, sipping on Zips Wine (perhaps too much wine,) snacking on delicious Breads Bakery bites and lots of mixing and mingling. The shop will be open through the holidays and it is the perfect one stop shop to get all your shopping done for the season. Thank you so much again to Janine Just and the Creeds Collective for having us!



5 O’Clock Hero




Today’s Drink:

“5 O’Clock Hero”
(House made Rock & Rye, cold brew demerara, bitters, horehound tinoture & orange oil)

Bartender: Maura
(Root and Bone – 200 East 3rd street)

We’ve been dying to try out Root and Bone for months, and we are so glad we finally made our way there! The 5 O’Clock Hero cocktail was a fun southern take on an old fashion. The coffee and orange flavors went flawlessly with the musky whiskey. This cocktail can even help fight a cold!

The decor of the restaurant was like a Pinterest dream. Vases for the lighting, bones and antlers strapped to the taps, an immaculate rustic DIY dream. Elton John and Tom Petty played softly in the background setting the perfect tone for sipping a perfect cocktail.


Vintage Furs






IMG_1600Abigail – Jacket, vintage. Pants, Guess. Boots, Duo. Sunnies, Dharma Co. Bag, Karen Millen.

Emily – Jacket, Avalon Exchange. Pants, Garter + Derringer. Boots, Duo. Sunnies, Dharma Co. Bag, Ballista.

Burrrrrrrberry it’s cold outside! New York City has dropped into the 20’s and we do NOT like it. We were debating if it was too soon to whip out these giant coats, but even with them on we were still running for shelter from the frigid winds.

I got my new hooded white faux-fur from this awesome vintage shop in St. Louis for only $26. It was nearly impossible to fit in my already over packed suitcase, but no fur left behind right? I thought I had a few more weeks of adorable leather jackets and boyfriend jeans with too many holes, but looks like snow bunny season has started early this year.

Abigail went straight up mobster in this long black vintage fur coat. Keeping it monochromatic with striped Guess jeans that peek out just a little underneath the coat too add a little dynamic to the look. I wonder if mobsters wear Guess jeans or do they just stick to over-sized suits? If you are a mobster and are reading this, let us know :)

Xx, Emily


Holiday Pop-Up

Tokens- Influencer Presentation Invite


Please join us tomorrow at the Creeds Collective for an evening of cocktails, desserts, and shopping from some of our favorite conscious fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. We’ll be joined by Billie Carroll, Haute Inhabit, Neckbreakin’ Style, Barrett Pall, and The Style Society Guy! ‘Tis the season to give back! At Creeds Collective you can choose your cause as all designers are linked to different charities. Guests will be going home with a swag bag and hopefully all their holiday shopping complete.

RSVP here!


54 Crosby Street




WanderLustGirls Toms for Target picks

Once Halloween is over, it’s pretty much Thanksgiving, which means that it is basically Christmas already. Yes, we have put a Santa hat on our pumpkin. Too soon? Quite possibly, but we don’t care. We are, as usual, WAY too excited for the holiday season to officially be here. The twinkling lights, the smell of Christmas trees, snow covered buildings and branches, mailing out holiday cards, and most importantly rushing to the stores and searching high and low online for the perfect presents.

We’re big fans of any company who gives back. ‘Tis the season right? TOMS has teamed up with Target for an extra special collaboration, and we are already checking items off our gift list. There is such a variety of pieces, you can literally get everyone done with just one stop, which is almost unheard of. We both are candle fanatics and love the look of this festive gold jar. And if this winter is anything like the polar vortex we put up with last year, then blankets, gloves, hats, and scarves are a necessity more so than just cute layering pieces. We’ll be needing lots and lots of hot chocolate by the fire, so the TOMS labeled mugs are perfect, and so cute.

With so many incredible companies who give back in the world, we feel the question this season won’t be about what to buy for one person, when you could spend the same amount and buy for two. #TOMSforTarget is giving back in major ways this holiday season and we cannot wait to make our holiday list with that cute little journal and start spreading some major holiday cheer. Thank you Target for doing this spirited collab!

TOMS For Target: One-for-One. For All. Starting November 16th, for every Target+TOMS limited edition gift you buy, we’re (Target) giving shoes, a blanket or meals to those in need. #TOMSForTarget

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.”

Perrier Street Art

WanderLust Girls graffiti

WanderLust Girls Perrier label

WanderLust Girls Perrier street art

WanderLust Girls Perrier

WanderLust Girls street art

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Perrier via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Perrier.

We were strolling through our local bodegas and pharmacies for all the new Christmas decorations (of course) when we started to notice a trend going on in the beverage section. Our eyes were immediately drawn to a few Perrier cans and bottles. The logo wasn’t their normal green sphere. They were bold, colorful, and extremely artistic. We quickly hit Google to find out that three talented Street and Contemporary Design Artists were chosen to design new logos.

In New York we pass street art on every single block, so it was fun to find it in the shopping aisles as well. We bought a couple of bottles designed by Sasu, a woman from Japan. She writes, “labels are like small walls that have been filled with art.”When heading home we stopped and posed in front of a couple walls of art on ourblock. So many people criticize the “destruction” of public and private property, but we should feel honored to walk amongst color, life, and expression.
Keep an eye out at your grocery or mini-mart for the other designers’ renditions of Perrier labels – JonOne from New York/Paris, and Kobra from Brazil. Put a piece of artwork in your hand, fridge, and mouth ;)
This post is sponsored by Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water in celebration of its new limited Street Art® edition. This limited edition packaging is a collaboration between Perrier and three of the world’s influential street artists: JonOne, Sasu and Kobra. To see the full line of collectible designs and learn more about this exciting debut, visit and join the conversation with #StreetArtByPerrier.

Oversized Sweater & Turtleneck




WanderLust Girls L.A.M.B. bag

WanderLust Girls beanie

WanderLust Girls Pour La Victoire

WanderLust Girls henna

Emily – Sweater, H&M. Hat, Free People. Tights, Express. Ankle boots, Aldo. Bag, Ballista.
Abigail – Blazer, Zara. Turtleneck, J. Crew. Pants, Articles of Society. Bag, L.A.M.B. Heels, Pour La Victoire. Beanie, All Saints. Sunnies, Rivet & Sway.

Avoiding polar vortex clothing like whoa. As long as you stand in the sun you can get away with a sweater or turtleneck. Emily opted for a fuzzy grey knit and scarf to stay bundled. I chose a warm turtleneck and blazer. Both wearing hats, of course. I’m having a moment with burgundy accessories, courtesy of L.A.M.B and Pour La Victoire. Could have worn some gloves, but didn’t want to cover up my super rad new henna. Loving the Lion King-esque design on the fingernails. Ew, fingernails is a gross word… I need to make it up with a pretty word… “felicity”? I’ve had too much coffee. HAPPY FRIDAY!

xx, Abigail

Blasphemous Rumors




Today’s Drink:

“Blasphemous Rumors”
(Lustau San Emilio Px & Capataz Cream Sherries, Pineapple, Green Chartreuse, Aperol, Coconut)

Bartender: Joaquin
(Pouring Ribbons- 225 Avenue B)

If only I was drinking this on a tropical island… The delicious coconut and pineapple got me daydreaming of cabanas, palm trees, and cabana boys ;) It was very smooth going down, almost like an ultra light milkshake.

Pouring Ribbons used to be a SUPER grungy bar called White Noise that we used to frequent, perhaps too much. Walking into the space you can’t even see a trace of the unkempt bar that used to be there. Now, it is pristine, much quieter, and rather than straight whiskey you get a well thought out drink that the bartender knows everything about. (Don’t get me wrong we love a glass a whiskey, but the transformation is quite impressive!)

Head over to Avenue B and try a cocktail, but tell the bartender what you like first, and he’ll whip you up a drink you never would have guessed could taste so good!


Wide Brim Hat & Beanie






Emily – Hat, Free People. Sweater, Madewell. Skirt, Reformation. Boots, Sixty Seven.
Abigail – Beanie, Bex NYC. Jacket, Playboy. Leggings, Dawn Han. Slippers, Zara.

Leaves on the ground woo-woooooo! Wait, is that why they call it “Fall”? Getting sidetracked… Emily sported a grandpa-chic sweater with a cute skirt and new Free People hat. She has been on the hunt for the perfect wide brim hat for months, and this one was the winner. Not too floppy, extra wide. “Not too hot. Extra chocolate. Shaken, not stirred.” - The Santa Claus

I went for our typical all black motorcycle vibe, but topped it off with my fav veiled beanie from Bex NYC. Particularly liking the contrast of my red slippers with the foliage. Thank you November for letting us still have bare legs and bare feet!

xx, Abigail

One Clique Shoes






Tuesday #SHOESDAY:

“All I need is One Clique.. All I need is One Clique..” – Nas

Okay, so those definitely aren’t the lyrics, but it felt right. Today we’re thrilled to introduce you to One Clique, a shoe company that will “re-create and re-define the world of shoes – and revolutionize your closet.” Do you love a pair of shoes, but wish you could change the heels? Here is your answer. These interchangeable heels are simple to switch – all you do is pull up on the logo and slide the bottom on or off. Once on, you push the logo down and wait for a click, and voilà… you’ve got a brand new pair of shoes. We went for a basic peep-toe style in platform pumps and wedges. Check out our little tutorial via hyperlapse on Instagram HERE!

xx, E & A