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Giving Back with Starlight Brave Gowns

November 29, 2016



Starlight Brave Gowns

It’s officially the holiday season! Generally, we talk about all the fun cool new gifts you can get for your family and friends. However, I wanted to talk for a moment about what the holiday spirit should be all about, giving. 

Starlight Brave Gowns is a wonderful organization who are looking to revolutionize Children’s Hospital gowns. Michaels has teamed up with Starlight Brave Gowns and created ten fun and creative inaugural designs. Michael’s will donate 10,000 gowns to launch the program at Children’s Hospital this year! The goal of the program is to brighten the lives of the seriously sick children who are stuck in hospitals wearing drabby (and quite drafty) gowns. The Starlight Brave gowns are designed to adhere to hospital regulations and have easy access for heart monitors and IVs. 

I do want to make it clear this is not at all a sponsored post! This is something that is very dear to my heart (literally.) I grew up in Children’s Hospital in Boston. I had Supraventricular Tachycardia and spent years looking as sick as I was in the typical hospital gown they provide. I would have loved to wear something to set me apart, rather than feel like I was wearing a “sick person” uniform. I didn’t want people to look at me and think I was sick, but it was hard to avoid in a washed out gown. 

I was lucky to make it out of the hospital successfully, but it was such a hard time for me and my family. My hope would be for all the children to put on one of these fun gowns and feel special and maybe for one moment not feel like just another sick kid. 

For just $25 you can donate a gown to a seriously ill child at Children’s Hospital. Click here to donate! 

Xx, Emily 

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Coco & Cru Brunch

November 28, 2016


There is not much more in this world that I love more than brunch. I could eat breakfast foods for literally every meal… Now that I’m thinking about it I kind of do. I’m not what you would call “adventurous” when it comes to food. I stick with what I know and love. French toast, eggs, avocado toast and mimosas! (That almost covers the main food groups……) Abigail is definitely the taste tester of the duo. She’ll try just about anything, but I can guarantee you’ll always find bacon on her plate. I’ve known her for 16 years and at least two birthdays I’ve given her a honey baked ham and the others I’ve wrapped her up a box of bacon. I aim to please. 

Whoa, major digression. Abigail and I swung by the corner of Broadway and Bleecker to Coco & Cru an Australian cafe based in lower Manhattan. We had been hearing great things from friends and wanted to give our taste buds a chance to stop salivating and decide for themselves. It was bright and beautiful. It is an Instagramers dream, if that was what you were concerned about. Also, what a corner to be on! I would rank this top 5 people watching cafes in Manhattan.

Now, to the important part… the food. D-LISH! I got the avocado toast with scrambled eggs and a side of berries. Let me tell you… that was some epic toast. People usually skimp on the avocado, no skimping here! It was so much I could barely finish, and yet, I still was craving more. (This picture isn’t helping my appetite right now.) Abigail got the vegetarian breakfast. A plethora of tastes. When the plate came out she exclaimed, and I quote, “oh Hell yes!!” Needless to say, it lived up to its standards.

Highly recommended deliciousness at Coco & Cru! Add it to your brunch list!



Lady WanderLust

November 25, 2016






Lady WanderLust

 When in Rome, dress as… the.. What I’m getting at: When at a beautiful mansion dress in beautiful/lavish materials. I pulled out my new little velvet slip mini dress and this giant over-sized (faux) fur to begin channeling my inner Lady Mary Crawley. (I swear to lucifer if anyone says I’m more like Edith…!) Let’s just go with Lady WanderLust, it’s got a nice ring to it! 

Back to the important stuff, my outfit. I wore this ensemble all over the beautiful Villa Nuits mansion, which you can see a full recap of here. I felt lavish, opulent, and like my wallet should be well past capacity. I sat by a roaring fire, drank wine, went up and down the beautiful staircase at the entrance numerous times. I was only missing my horse drawn buggy. 

Slip dresses have been a major craze . I’m a bit late to that bandwagon. However, it’s because I was having such an issue finding one that fit my body right. If anyone is in the market I’ve picked some AMAZING black slip dresses and put them in the slider below. They are perfect for a casual Fall look. I personally love putting my sheer turtleneck under the dress. It felt very school girl gone goth. All while providing a bit of additional warmth. It’s starting to get chilly, you’ll be happy you have it, I swear! 

Actually, the more I look at these photos I seem more Mafiosa than anything else. Regardless, I’m still proud of the amount of mixed materials in this whole look. You’ve got the sheer, the velvet, the fur, the suede, and a rambling girl….. fin. 

Xx, Emily