Star Dress Summer

August 19, 2016






Dress, Romwe. Heels, Aldo. Sunnies, Foster Grant. Belt, Helmut Lang.

God bless America! I’ve been feeling super spirited while watching the Olympics this past week. USA-USA-USA!! Okay, I’m getting too peppy (it’s the cheerleader in me.) So proud of how well our team has been doing. Especially proud of our super sexy sword yielding friend Miles Chamley-Watson who brought home the bronze medal in mens fencing!

I actually ordered this originally for 4th of July festivities back home in Boston, but it didn’t come in time. However, I would wear this at any point… I’m a sucker for stars. Most importantly, this star dress was $14. That was not a typo… literally $14. I also purchased a few amazing bikinis all under $10 each. I don’t know if you all have shopped from Romwe in the past, but I was pleasantly surprised by price and quality. (This is not a sponsored posts… I’m just shocked that something so cute can be that cheap!)

I’m sure you’re all wondering what’s inside the DASH bag… or at least now you may be! Abigail and I went to an event for Pin & Tucker this morning at DASH in SoHo for brunch and a panel discussion. We tested out the app (which is totally cool and such a great idea,) and perused the store. DASH is way less expensive than I expected! Between a discount and a gift card I managed to get a badass black dress for only $27. All before lunch… There is no better way to start off the day than buying a dress on sale, am I right?!

Okay, it feels like I’m beginning to talk just to hear my own typing. Stay tuned on Instagram (@WanderLustGirls) and Snapchat (@WanderLust-Girl) for beachside updates in Ocean City this weekend!

Xx, Emily



Midnights Brooklyn

August 15, 2016
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midnights restaurant

pesto flatbread
brooklyn restaurant
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midnights brooklyn

williamsburg restaurant

Take a peak into the beautiful new restaurant in Williamsburg, Midnights Brooklyn. We were thrilled to escape the heat, and cool off with quenching cocktails. Tip: try out the “White Girl Wasted.” The appetizers are unbelievable. Get the heirloom tomato and watermelon salad and grilled flatbread! (Pictured above.) On a nice night, be sure to enjoy some wine on their ivy covered patio. We’ll definitely be back to scope out brunch and the late night scene. We did spot a pretty rad DJ booth. Until next time…

MID|NIGHTS – 149 N. 6th St.

xx, Abigail


Best Boutique on Bedford

August 9, 2016








Jumpsuit, Courtshop. Shoes, Converse. Bag, Angela Roi. Sunnies, J Crew.

This past weekend my mom and aunt came for a quick day trip to NYC! We ate a delicious brunch at The Heyward (my favorite spot in Brooklyn for avacado toast, pancakes and mimosas) and then popped in a few boutiques in Williamsburg.

Courtshop is *100 emoji* also known as the best boutique on Bedford. I always love everything in their small store, but this jumpsuit… it’s groovy baby! I feel like when I wear it I should be roller skating or working, some classic car all covered in oil and grease, or in a recreation of Austin Powers. A girl can dream…

Now, I’ve had my share of denim jumpsuits, but I particularly like this one because it has a built in belt just on the sides of the waist. Most pieces like this I get lost in and look like i’m a bag of potatoes. I cinched up the sides and voila, I’m female again.

To keep it a classic all-American look I threw on some white chucks and aviators. Where would you wear this fun little suit?

Xx, Emily

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Weekend Travel Essentials

August 1, 2016

viniq ruby

Sharing our Summer weekend travel essentials — pool, sunhat, sunnies, and of course, our favorite cocktail Viniq Ruby and a little champagne! Click the image above for our YouTube video of our weekend getaway. Get in on the fun by using #bringtheshimmer on Instagram to see your Viniq photos alongside ours.

Cheers! #viniqsquad

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2 NEW Procedures You NEED For Summer

July 28, 2016


(Photo from Luxe-Laser)


(Photo from New York Cosmetic, Skin & Laser Surgery)

I met Dr. Rokhsar a few months back and spent the whole time asking every dermatology question I could think of (how annoying, right?!) Well, I’m annoying for you guys. When you have a doctor like Dr. Rokhsar at your disposal you gotta get the skinny!

Speaking of skinny (nice segue.) It’s almost the end of July, so that gives you a good two more months for the perfect bikini body. Or if you’re like me, you’re still focusing on cookies for now and will resume your attempt at a beach bod for a winter vacation. Whatever point you’re at I highly suggest checking out CoolSculpting. It’s this great treatment that actually freezes your fat cells and then your body gradually just gets rid of them. You don’t have to get surgery, there are no needles (phew) and no downtime! I have these parts on my body that regardless of how much I work them out they are stubborn, probably because I’m an aries (stubborn all the way through.)

Okay, the other really amazing procedure for those Summer months that he brought up was miraDry. If you’re the type of person who won’t wear gray in the Summer this is for you! It literally gets rid of sweat glands under your arms and they don’t regenerate! No more worrying if you’ve created a giant sweat mark on your shirt. Huzzah!

Of course, he does lots of incredible things at his office, but I thought you all would appreciate these two procedures you need for the Summer!

Xx, Emily


The Fashion Class

July 26, 2016


An enormous thank you to Izzy Yang for this righteous illustration of the two of us! This talented young lady was a student from The Fashion Class, who we have the honor of speaking to about blogging, styling, and personal branding. Continue Reading…


TechStyle NYC – Golden Products

July 25, 2016

untitled folder 21

(OGX hair products, Gemela Teleferico ring, Velvet eyewear, Four Roses Bourbon, Lifetherapy Vacation Pulse oil, Makar Glasgow Gin, Xistwear Rose Gold Watchband.)

When is golden ever bad? Golden Girls, golden ticket, golden globes, Golden Retriever… You see you literally can’t go wrong. Therefore, we have selected our favorite golden products from this Summer’s TechStyle NYC event.

We haven’t bought an Apple watch yet, mostly because they don’t go with anything we wear. Now that we’ve seen Xistwear wrist bands we might just have to purchase yet another Apple product. Seriously though… this rose gold moment we’ve been having is addicting. We can’t get enough.

Also, alchohol! It’s great 🙂 Just kidding if you’re under 21. We do particularly love the taste of this gin it’s light and delicious. Perfect for a Summer soirée!

Xx, Emily


Trip to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

July 20, 2016

Here is a recap of our recent trip to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mexico! It was such a beautiful place and we can’t wait to go back. You’ll get a taste of all the things we did to soak in this part of the country. Prepare your eyes for some delicious Mexican cuisine, tasty cocktails, pro (or the opposite of pro) surfing, golf cart cruising, beaching babes, lots of pool time and some of our newest friends!

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Xx, Emily