Men’s Fashion: 5 Pro Tips When Shopping for Perfect Fitting Formal Wear

February 25, 2017

(Photo from Project Wedding)

Men’s Fashion: 5 Pro Tips When Shopping for Perfect Fitting Formal Wear

1. Know your measurements!

Take it from two women who have styled and personal shopped for many men, nothing is more important than fit. A man in a perfectly fitted suit is literally lethal. Check out Mark and Spencer’s suit measuring guide.

2. Know what works for your body type!

If looking to lengthen the legs, pick a pant and shoe that match. This is a trick women have been doing for decades. Black pants and black heels = legs for days. Here’s Art of Manliness’ guide for other shapes and sizes.

3. The key is in the details!

Nothing is cuter than men’s accessories. I’m talking hats, suspenders, pocket squares, cufflinks, patterned socks, and so on. When a lady sees the effort, that man instantly has the edge. Check out Groovy Groomsmen’s awesome roster of men’s accessories and gifts.

4. Shop Around – don’t stop at one shop!

Get creative. Don’t just go to the basic department store. Check out local boutiques, or for even more options the world wide web.

5. Always check the return policy!

You’d think this would be an obvious one, but just a friendly reminder, know what you’re getting yourself into! No pun intended. 


Bike Bandit Motorcycle Gear

February 25, 2017

Our obsession with motorcycles doesn’t just stop at the bike itself. We love motorcycle gear as well, especially Bike Bandit motorcycle gear! Mostly because even though we don’t have a bike people will assume that we do based on our outfits. (Have any of you guys seen the episode of Friends where Joey wears an entire Porsche ensemble and covers cardboard boxes with a cover and tells hot girls his Porsche is sleeping underneath…….. yeah, that’s us.) Okay, not entirely. We spend a lot of time on the back of bikes, so it’s important for us to have the proper attire. We usually check the Bike Bandit site first when perusing for the right motorcycle jackets for women. They look cute and are still safe at the same time.

The site has more than just protective gear. They have a wide selection of motorcycle parts too, from Pirelli motorcycle tires to some pretty sweet saddle bags (perfect for holding our heels to change into once we get to our destination!) A lot of our friends with bikes order from Bike Bandit, so it comes highly recommended. They even have a really cool blog! Their most recent story about the best motorcycle boots had me craving for warm weather in NYC, so we could grab a pair of biker boots and hit the open roads… on the back of someones motorcycle haha. We’re in San Diego at the moment and the sunny weather is a bit of a tease. Anyone in Cali want to go for a ride?? Are we fan girling a bit? For those of you who have met us in person this bike banter makes a lot of sense. 

We’re already looking forward to next years Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride! We also plan on attending Babes Ride Out this year too, if any of you guys will be there let us know! 

Xx, Emily 


Kaleo – No Good

February 21, 2017

Going to start sharing our favorite songs with you more often so you can get a better idea of what we listen to when getting dressed or ready to go out. Kaleo has been a favorite of ours since we heard one of their tracks in a trailer for Orange Is The New Black. We saw them in concert at Irving Plaza last year. Also was introduce to Bishop Briggs that night, as she opened for Kaleo. Listen to both! Enjoy.

xx, E&A