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TurboTax is the New Black. GIVEAWAY Alert!

February 15, 2018

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turbo tax giveaway

TurboTax GIVEAWAY alert!

Dear fellow freelancers and small business owners,

We have been filing our taxes with TurboTax ever since we formed our company Wanderlust Fashion LLC back in 2011. We’re super excited to announce that we are giving away FIVE TurboTax Live product codes on our social media channels this weekend, so tune in to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – @wanderlustgirls. I’m sure you’ve all heard of TurboTax, but perhaps TurboTax Live doesn’t ring a bell. Well my friends, that is because it’s brand spankin’ new, and in our opinion TurboTax Live is as trendy as the color black. Let us explain:

TurboTax Live is the newest product that includes a virtual network of CPAs and EAs who you can select to review your taxes with you. AKA no mistakes and the most money back possible. I can’t get over how amazing this feature is. We’re talking screen-sharing and live communication… not some robot chat system. They are available on demand or by appointment. Every year we struggle a little bit with all the tax jargon, and have questions we don’t want to pay extra for. This all in one package is a dream come true. *For more info about this new service click HERE.

Thank you, TurboTax for this stylish and modern product addition to your services! So excited to be gifting five codes to our followers to ease their tax season woes. Tune into @wanderlustgirls Friday, February 16th to find out how to enter. Winners will be selected Sunday, February 18th! (Three winners via Instagram, one via Facebook, one via Twitter.)

xx, WanderLust Girls


NaNika Lingerie

February 14, 2018

(Photos by Alex Berger

We just got a super sexy package in the mail the other day. New lingerie from NaNika. Abigail went for a strappy little diddy with matching panties and I opted for a red and black sheer front clasp bralette with strappy sheer undies. There is something about wearing lingerie that adds a bit of confidence even to the lamest of days. Which somehow always ends up being Wednesday. Anyone else agree? 

We decided to take these pieces and pair them with some of our favorite leather jackets and some of our favorite hats. This beautiful barn and field of horses is literally 5 minutes away from our new home in Nashville. It is really amazing to be so close to something so beautiful. NYC is amazing and I’m glad we’ll be able to split our time between NY and Nashville, but to be 5 minutes from horses, a nature walk and the Cumberland River is a dream. Stay tuned as we’ll be posting more home renovations to our insta story soon. 

It’s not pictured, but the horses came right up to us and I’m 99% sure they thought my hair was straw. I need to start using a hair mask, but that’s beside the point. We were super psyched to shoot with Alex Berger a well known incredible photographer based in Nashville. Make sure to check out his work, it’s amazing! 

Today we decided to document our Valentine’s Day morning date on our insta story. Where do you think we went? Make sure to check it out for a good laugh. 

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! 

Xx, Emily 


Axe Throwing Bar coming to East Nashville

February 12, 2018

axe throwing league

axe throwing nashville

batl nashville

Ladies and gents, an axe throwing bar is coming to East Nashville. Before I go any further, no the axes don’t leave the cages. You will not be sitting at the bar with axes whizzing by your head. So now that we all feel safe-ish, this venue is going to be epic. I had no idea what axe throwing was like, but I figured since I love archery so much it must produce a similar feeling. (Check out Emily’s great get-up HERE from our last archery sesh.)

I can’t say that I’m surprised we both hit bullseyes within two tries, but I was obviously proud. Emily and I love activities if it wasn’t already deadly obvious. I don’t want to go sit at a bar and chit chat while I could be hurling hatchets… know what I mean? What an amazing stress reliever and all-around primal experience. We were riding such a high after this. Even though it seems so savage, it really was calming.

The site is currently under renovation, but open on the weekends for some good old fashioned axe throwing. They should have a grand opening mid-April. I also feel obliged to mention that this wooden arena if you will can be transported to weddings and events. I’m just saying, if I don’t have a photo in a wedding dress holding an axe… then what’s the point?

BATL – The Backyard Axe Throwing League – 1302 Gallatin Ave, Nashville

xx, Abigail