Fringe Dress and Cape








Abigail – Cape dress, Topshop.
Emily – Cape, Zara. Skirt, Reformation. Tights, Express. Booties, Sam Edelman.

 All Hallows is finally upon us, ’tis the most beloved day of the year for Abigail and I. Thus, we believed speaking in an old english tongue and dressing in characters of the dead would seem fit for such an occasion. Okay, that can only last for two sentences… It was only right that I got my outfit inspiration from one of my favorite bad boys of Harry Potter, Drako Malfoy. Plus, he must get his hair done at MIZU, because… twinsies! I wrapped myself in my most mysterious cape, and kept it monochromatic for the rest of the look, because witches don’t do color. Basically, I always dress like a witch. If only Hogwarts was across the street… a girl can dream.

Abigail went a little less human with today’s look, and way more bat like. This fringy-winged Topshop dress was perfect to wrap up and hide out during the day, or spread her digits and fly into the night. We have been really loving all this Fall fringe we’ve been seeing. It’s so cool that apparently, even bats like it! If you do see Abigail today beware, she’s out for blood… so basically we are no different than we are everyday. Happy Halloween everyone!

We hope to see you tonight at Lovecraft for our 3rd Annual Halloween Party!

XX, Emily

The Pumpkin King


Today’s Drink:

“The Pumpkin King”
(Mission fig bitters, pumpkin syrup with cinnamon and nutmeg, apple brandy, Angostura 7 year rum, and cinnamon sugar)

Bartender: John O’Shea
(The Tippler – 425 W. 15th St.)

Wow, definitely a top contender for best cocktails ever. I’m usually a vodka or tequila girl, but this darker liqueur drink had me at apple brandy and cinnamon sugar. It was sweet, with a bit of heaviness to it. The perfect cocktail to get into the Fall spirit. The Tippler is beautiful, great decor, for sure an underground gem. The ambiance differs from night to night. We went on a Monday, which was way more relaxed. Although, we’ve been there later on in the week and it was much more energized. It’s perfect pick your mood and pick a day. Head over to The Tippler to try one of their festive Fall cocktails! Cheers :)


Layering Sweaters










Emily – Sweater, Comptoir Des Cotonniers. Pants, Garter + Derringer. Heels, Dolce Vita. Sunnies, Dharma Co
Abigail – Sweater, Brandy Melville. Hat, Joe Fresh. Boots, Ritch Erani. Bag, vintage. Sunnies, Ray-Ban.

It’s mid 60’s in New York City, and we’re busting out our best layering sweaters. Emily has this beyond epic hooded grey knit that can be thrown about effortlessly. That thing is better than a blanket. She paired her tattered jeans with a pair of prim pointed-toe pumps. I’m wearing my shredded black sweater over an LBD to add some depth. Went for the bare-legged look with some sexy tall boots and a floppy hat to tone it down. Also, thoroughly enjoying the contrast in front of this blood red wall.

xx, Abigail

3rd Annual


Emily and I felt like we weren’t getting in touch with our Halloween selves this year, and were getting a bit bummed out. We hadn’t properly decorated, nor seen a plethora of non-scary Halloween flicks. Then I realized something… we permanently have a skeleton (Sir Sudsington) hanging in our shower, my bronzer brush is displayed in a spider candle holder, we have a skull head where our soap is supposed to be… and that’s just the bathroom. We permanently have Edgar Allan Poe and The Witches Almanac in our living room, appropriately placed by a bat skeleton. We have a white mask with black roses coming out of it’s eyes. We have our electric fireplace going even though it’s 60 degrees out. We have six pumpkins. We have any Yankee Candle that resembles October. Oh, and we watched Hocus Pocus in September. So, I guess we were in the spirit after all. Whoops.


3rd Annual


Fri, Oct 31
9pm – 1am
(downstairs lounge)
50 Ave B

… and PRIZES!!!

Navy Nerds





IMG_0778Abigail – Striped sweater, Avalon Exchange. Jeans, J Brand. Shoes, Vans. Bag, Milly. Scarf, H&M.

Emily- Sweater, Zara. Denim, One Teaspoon. Shoes, Aldo. Bag, Etienne Aigner.

How beautiful was our hotel in St. Louis? The castle-esque Union Station was the perfect backdrop for some OOTD’s. I always think it’s so funny when we get dressed separately that we always somehow end up in a similar outfit. Maybe we both had navy on the mind, more likely that we have telepathy, or just share a brain… regardless, navy it was. I love that my sweater almost has a marbled look to it with the little bits of black. I normally would pair this with black denim, but I dared to try some different denim, and I love the contrast between the dark and the light.

It was a little windy, so Abigail debuted her new stripy sweater she had bought from Avalon Exchange, one of those thrift stores that you could search through FOREVER. It was one of the best $6 purchases we’ve ever made. Of course, she got it from the mens section, because mens sweaters are just way better than women’s. I say that, as I’m wearing a women’s one, but it’s true!

Xx, Emily

Kitchen Trickin’




Let’s just get one thing straight, the cooking channel would loathe us entirely. Emily burns her grilled cheese until they look like asphalt, and I can’t even make “EASY” mac-n-cheese. So much smoke… so many fire alarms. (If hot men are reading this, we promise we’ll still wear aprons and make cocktails.)

It’s pretty obvious that if a section of a Manhattan apartment isn’t maximized for its original purpose, then it will morph into something else… most notably, a closet. We’ve had our fair share of closet take overs in the past (handbags on the living room wall, shoes on bookshelves), and now our closets are invaded the kitchen.

Thankfully we have the Seamless app, so we can decorate our kitchen how Carrie Bradshaw would: necklaces swinging from refrigerator magnets, shoes lining any surface we can find, and lastly, nail polish in the fridge. Seems nuts, but at least we’re not storing anything in the dishwasher – that gets used. Does anyone else have crazy fashion storage concepts? I wonder how Martha Stewart stored her belongings in prison…

In homage to our takeout obsession, we’ve thought about some of our favorite kitchen hacks – meaning, creative ways to use our kitchen for anything but cooking — and want to see some of yours! Head to the Seamless #TapTapTakeout Contest to learn how to enter for the chance to win $500 in Seamless dollars!

Seamless. Food as easy as tap tap takeout.

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Seamless via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Seamless.”


Emotional Rescue


Today’s Drink:

“Emotional Rescue”
(Tito’s vodka, aperol, St. Germaine, lemon juice, & angostura bitters.)

Dream Baby – 162 Ave B

Bartender – Alvy

I absolutely love this cocktail! It was sweet, and refreshing. Essentially the perfect drink to give you that delicious start to a night out after a long day at work. Dream Baby has a great atmosphere for the post 9-5. Especially if there is a co-worker you’ve been eyeing… lots of comfy booths and dark corners for canoodling ;)









IMG_0554Emily – Top, Alice + Olivia. Skirt, Reformation. Booties, Aldo. Bag, Etienne Aigner. Sunnies, Dharma Co.

Abigail – Leather vest, Topshop. Jeans, J Brand. Scarf, H&M. Heels, Aldo. Bag, Milly.

This building had an old timey castle in the woods vibe going on, so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to snap some OOTDs. It is probably one of the last times I can wear this Alice + Olivia stripped crop without a jacket, or as last winter would have had it at this time of the year, a snowsuit! I kept everything else simple with this busy striped top. Black and white is my fashionable version of mac & cheese. It’s comfortable and I can’t get enough.

Abigail was smart and decided to layer. (Truth be told it was way too cold for me to just wear a tee.) Regardless, she also kept it simple with black layers, but added a ferocious fringe scarf to the ensemble. I want to take this time to thank H&M for adding these little metal discs to this scarf because it kept the one year old completely entertained on our flight to St. Louis.

Xx, Emily


St. Louis



























Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.43.22 PM




Last week we had the honor of being special guests at St. Louis Fashion Week. The wonderful people of ALIVE Mag showed us just how fashionable STL is, and made us feel right at home during our first visit to Missouri. We’d also like to thank Explore St. Louis for an extremely fun party bus tour of the city. From gardens, to landmarks, to shops and undeniable food and drinks, we’re now absolutely sure we’ll go back to STL soon. So glad we got to see some Fall foliage, some cute zoo animals, and some incredible Halloween decorations.




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