Pop of Red in Winter





WanderLust-Girls-Sam Edelman-Boots




Abigail – Coat, Laundry by Shelli Segal. Sweater, see U soon. Denim, Articles of Society. Heels, Guess. Lips, Buxom Cosmetics.

Emily – Jacket, Tulle. Tights, Uniqlo. Boots, Sam Edelman. Earmuffs, Snowflake. Handbag, Danielle Nicole.

Is it sad that we get excited for snow photos? It adds such a lovely aesthetic! W headed down to our garden, which is normally a lot greener, but now it kind of looks like some cool Scottish castle. It’s kind of our dream to live in a castle (okay, not kind of, 100%.) Oh, about our clothes. I immediately selected this warm grandpa sweater for it’s interesting striped print, and pop of red. I added my fav lipstick to tie it together.

Emily tried out our brand new Tulle jacket. So weird to see her in this much color, but I’m loving it, aren’t you?! The perfect Winter accessories to add were enormous fluffy earmuffs, and thigh-high boots. Loving the shape of this grey handbag. Almost looks like a disc-man could be in there. Imagine? Let’s stroll down memory lane quickly… floppy-disc… ok, we’re back.

Happy Storm!

xx, Abigail

Wide-leg romper & Boyfriend jeans









Emily – Jacket, Aqua. Romper, Blaque Label. Belt, Helmut Lang. Sunglasses, Dior.

Abigail – Turban, bex NYC. Jacket, Maje. Denim, One Teaspoon. Handbag, Angela Roi. Heels, Preen x Aldo.

Today was a whopping 40 degrees, hence the little jackets and monster sunnies. Emily donned this billowing black romper, and added a long sleeve underneath for warmth. A splash of candy red gingham and she was ready to roll. I wanted to wear these cozy boyfriend jeans, and realized I should throw on some leggings underneath to keep my ripped areas warm, lol. We too frequently wear our skinny jeans, so this was a great alternative.

xx, Abigail

Cienfuegos – Bright & Sunny


Cienfuegos Happy Hour


Today’s Drink:

“Bright & Sunny”
(Flor de Cana 4 year rum, falernum, ginger, mint, lemon.)

(Cienfuegos – 95 Ave A)

This is one of our favorite hidden gems in the East Village. If you haven’t been yet, consider this a sign to go immediately. Located on the second floor, just past a heavy mysterious curtain and staircase, is an enchanting cuban tapas lounge with Alice and Wonderland reminiscent decor, and cocktails that will make you drool.

This time we selected a refreshing concoction, which appropriately came served in one of their cauldrons. We ladled the delicious drink into our adorable little teacups, and can definitely say this is one of our favorite creations.

Oh, and be sure to swing by during their Happy Hour for preferable prices ;)


Leather Skirt & Plaid Vest












Emily – Sweater, Banana Republic. Skirt, ASOS. Tights, Uniqlo. Boots, Sam Edelman. Hat, Free People. Backpack, DKNY.

Abigail – Beanie, AllSaints. Jacket, Maje. Vest, Urban Outfitters. Denim, Rebecca Minkoff. Flats, Zara. Bag, L.A.M.B., Shades, Dharma Co.

For some reason we keep convincing ourselves that 30 degree weather is reasonably warm… perhaps we’ve been on the East Coast for too long? Do we dare hashtag #BostonBabes? Don’t worry, we won’t. I like to keep my clothing brightness to a minimum. Mainly I do this to balance out the reflectivity of my ultra blonde hair. Anyways, I did manage to salvage a little heat with my leather mini skirt and thigh-high boots. The only difficulty with this type of look is that it’s hard to find a coat to go with it that doesn’t make you look like a…. (to put it bluntly) hooker. Tough life, right?

Abigail went with loads of layers of all different textures, shapes, lengths and sizes. (Such an Olsen move.) I felt like MKnA paparazzi taking her photos in Astor Place today. Dream job! JK, we’re not THAT creepy. Although, we can tell them apart and I was not not in their fan club growing up. I digress… Abigail’s long plaid vest adds a unique element to this look. Her shoes need no explanation, they’re perfect. Stay warm!

Xx, Emily

Winter Hair Remedies


(Oribe Shampoo & Conditioner, Milbon Hair Treatment, Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer, Goldwell’s Hot Form and Sleek Perfection, Oribe Moisture Mask, GHD Ceramic Straightener.)

Winter is a killer on hair! I feel like sometimes I have a pile of straw on my head. We asked Melissa Garner, Colorist and Color Educator at MIZU New York salon and an Educator for Goldwell, for some tips and tricks on how to keep our hair healthy this time of the year.

Get regular deep conditioning treatments. Whether you are doing them at home, in the salon or both, deep conditioning provides the extra moisture our hair needs during the winter to keep it shiny and healthy. At my salon we use an amazing Deep Conditioning Treatment made by Milbon. If your salon doesn’t offer this treatment and you want to do them at home I recommend Oribe’s Signature Moisture Mask for normal hair.

Get regular hair cuts. Cutting your hair, even if it’s only an inch, once every three months keeps your ends from splitting. I know this may sound like a lot for all of the long hair people out there, but once the hair starts splitting it will only continue.

Invest in salon quality shampoos and conditioners and put down the drugstore shampoos and conditioners. Drugstore hair products are full of silicons, sodium chloride (salt) and other sulfates, alcohol and water. The sulfates and sodium chloride provide the foaming action in shampoos, but they dry out the hair in the same way that alcohol does.

You know the little nozzle that comes with your blow drier? Don’t toss it! Concentrator nozzles help keep the driers airflow controlled. Thus keeping the cuticle smooth and the hair less frizzy. When the cuticle is smooth the hair appears more shiny and the strands will become stronger.

Invest in a good Ionic or Tourmaline blow drier. While these driers may be more pricey, they will last longer than your average blow drier. Why Ionic? Ionic blow driers dry the hair from the inside out. This dries the hair faster without turning up the heat. Be sure to not over dry your hair and once your hair is about 80% dry use the cool shot button. The cool shot button seals the cuticle back down and keeps your blow dry longer.

If you absolutely must use a flat iron or curling iron, again invest in a quality tool. Too much heat is one of the most common culprits of damaged hair.

When using heat styling tools such as blow driers, flat irons and curling irons you absolutely must use a product for heat protection. While quality tools have features to protect the hair using a heat protector adds the extra protection that our hair needs.

Stop over shampooing! When we shampoo everyday our scalp is depleted of it’s natural oils that actually help keep our hair healthy. Once the scalp begins to become too dry our oil glands go into overdrive to produce the missing oil. This is one of the main culprits of oily hair.

Put down the box color. Box color doesn’t have the same nurturing technology that salon color has. Salon color is made to help keep your hair healthy and strong.

Instagram @missa_12 and on Facebook www.facebook.com/melissaigarner.


Poconos Photo Diary









A little weekend escape from the city is necessary from time to time. Although, going somewhere that is colder… who does that?! Anyways, the Poconos was absolutely adorable. Seeing these frozen waterfalls was worth the 3 mile hike in 20 degree weather. (It also helped to know that I would be getting back just in time for wine tastings by the fire at The Settlers Inn.) Nature though, am I right?!

*Check @WanderLustGirls for more from the Poconos*

“The future lies before you,

like a field of fallen snow;

Be careful how you treat it, 

for every step will show.”

Xx, Emily


Overalls & Layered Sweaters









Emily – Overalls, Zara. Blouse, ASOS. Boots, Vince. Sunnies, Dharma Co.

Abigail – Sweater, Urban Outfitters. Turtleneck, J Crew. Pants, Articles of Society. Heels, Preen x Aldo. Beanie, Topshop. Clutch, Etienne Aigner.

I want to preface this blog post by informing you that I put on One Direction to hype me up to write this because I didn’t really have much to say. However, now I’m way more distracted by Zayn’s hair, Louis’ overall studliness, and Harry’s slew of trench coats.

So basically, Abigail wore a lovely layered sweater look with subtle stripe action and beautiful burgundy accents. I dawned my overalls (again, sorry!) Keeping it simple in black and white, but the bow somehow fancies the look a bit. I even show off some major quahogg action. I’m king of digging it though. Get it? In a nut shell:

Na na na na na na (Oh, yeah)
Na na na na na na (Alright) 

Xx, Emily


Brazilian Magic Punch


 Today’s Drink:

“Brazilian Magic Punch”
(Yaguara Cachaca, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Pineapple, Verjus, Agave Syrup, Black and White Peppers, Chilean Peppers, Nutmeg, Cocoa Beans, Vanilla Rose Buds)

Bartender: Damien Aries
(Experimental Cocktail Club – 191 Chrystie St.)

I think what I love most about ECC is their chic glassware. None of this Bed Bath & Beyond shit. (Don’t get us wrong… BB&B rocks our socks off.) I also was dumbfounded when my drink came in a potion bottle. Okay, some people might just call it a bottle, but I’m pretty sure witches have these. Maybe they get theirs at The Container Store (…what am I talking about?)

ABOUT THE DRINK – I selected it off the menu immediately for it’s cachaca. Undeniable Brazilian booze. Everything about Brazil is undeniable to me. Then it throws you off with some milk varieties and peppers. Now I’m sold. This really is experimental cocktails. I drizzled the witches brew into my fancy glass, and damn did I revel in it. Thanks, Damien  ;)


Red Fur & Striped Pants










Emily – Vest, Adrienne Landau. Long sleeve, Uniqlo. Overalls, Zara. Heels, Dolce Vita. Sunnies, Dior.

Abigail – Sweater, Urban Outfitters. Pants, Guess. Shoes, Senso. Hat, Free People.

Do my overalls look like a loin cloth? I think it does, but sometimes I just feel cooler when it’s hanging off, like those kids in school who wore their backpack on just one shoulder. The wind was a bit biting up on our rooftop, but I managed to salvage some warmth with this ferocious red fur vest and a heat tech long sleeve from Uniqlo. This shirt was money in the cold streets of Berlin.

Fire escape sitting in the cold totally worth it for this view, even if it’s just for a minute or two. She was channeling some sort of pilgrim court jester (not a thing) today with this black and white ensemble. Maybe we should get some astroturf out there for the warmer months! Or, maybe we just shouldn’t be dangling up high at all.

xx, Emily