March Madness

April 18, 2017

Our version of March Madness. A crazy month filled traveling all over the country! We have actually been traveling so much that we have spent more time in a hotel bed than our own at home in Brooklyn. Not complaining. Who doesn’t love hotel beds?  Although, I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned this, but Abigail has night terrors that she interacts with. I’m talking grabbing me and informing me there are men in the room. And not the type of men you would want in the room… i.e. killers. Luckily for us, it is just a dream, but it is just as frightening every time. As a gauge I’m afraid of like Harry Potter 3 on, or whichever one it is that the professor unravels his turban and Voldemort is on the back of head. I’m thinking of wearing a Go Pro on my head when we sleep at hotels to capture these horrifying moments. Is this something you guys would be interested in seeing and laughing at after the fact with me? 

Anywho, this video is a round up of our adventures this past month. We started off with a day trip to Miami on a private plane with Celebrity Cruises (it was as epic as it sounds.) We hopped on the bus and spent the weekend listening to our fav band Kaleo and winning mega bucks at the roulette table. Then we flew to British Columbia and whipped around the mountains taking in the most incredible views on snowmobiles and doing all sorts of cool aprΓ©s ski activities. We literally watched a mens axe competition on TV, and loved it. We finished off the month in Seattle testing out just about every wine known to the planet Earth. Okay, well every wine in Seattle, but it’s still a lot! We enjoyed checking out the city (especially from above in a seaplane.) What a crazy incredible month! 

Stay tuned for April’s video which includes monster truck rallies and rope bridges.

Xx, Emily 

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Hotel Indigo Nashville

April 18, 2017
hotel indigo nashville

hotel indigo downtown nashville

hotel indigo gold elevators

hotel indigo nashville bar

hotel indigo nashville lobby

hotel indigo nashville tn

hotel indigo tennessee

hotel indigo tn

On our recent trip to Tennessee we made sure to bop around from locale to locale in order to check out as many hotels as possible. We want to make sure that we give our readers options when they travel, and this trip we really got the best of the best. Hotel Indigo is a hotel we’ve worked with numerous times in the past. However, this was our first time staying at Hotel Indigo Nashville and it did not disappoint! 

The decor was amazing! We spent a good 30 minutes just perusing the lobby/bar area. You really felt that you were in Music City and not some random chain hotel with no personality. They even had fresh cookies when you arrive at the hotel, and exit, and check on your ubers, or when you run downstairs to just “check out” the lobby to make sure everything is cool down there…….  okay, we ate all the free cookies!! That’s not the only free stuff, there was an adorable little place for puppies to grab some water and a treat. 

The bar has live music every night, which set such a cool tone when you are sipping a cocktail before an evening of honkey tonk hopping or cowboy hunting. The rooms themselves were super comfortable. Specifically, the beds were (insert praising emoji hands.) 

Cool vibes and the friendliest staff made this the perfect stay. Thank you so much to Hotel Indigo Nashville for having us.

Stay tuned for more of our trip and where we’ll go next!

Xx, Emily

P.S. Those gold elevators….! 

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Leiper’s Fork Distillery Franklin, Tennessee

April 17, 2017
leiper's fork distillery

Okay it’s official, Emily and I make it a priority to visit distilleries and vineyards wherever we travel. Last time we were in Leiper’s Fork, this whiskey distillery was not yet open, so we were hyped to check it out. The property is breathtaking. Beautiful green grass (which is always a shock to us Brooklyn chicks) and a gorgeous barn filled with delicious whiskey smells and cutie-pie pets. How adorable is Scout, the pup staring out the window? He’s happily took the tour with us. We of course always love the tasting portion, but were particularly impressed by the decor. What a great place to hang out! Also, props to whoever designed their label. Love how one of a kind it feels. Great whiskey, lovely people, and overall just an awesome place to hang out.

Check it out next time you’re in Nashville! 3381 Southall Rd, Franklin, TN 37064

xx, Abigail