Dempsey’s NYC


Today’s Drink:

“Strawberry Layla”
(Hendricks gin, lime juice, agave syrup, fresh basil and strawberries.)

Dempsey’s Pub – 61 2nd Ave

Indulge in this quenching concoction from Dempsey’s NYC. Normally we aren’t huge fans of gin, but when mixed with lime, agave, basil, and strawberries – we’re fully on board. Stop by this great Irish Pub in the East Village while you can still savor their Summertime cocktail list.


Fringe Skirt





Emily – Top, Banana Republic. Skirt, Zara. Heels, Aldo. Purse, Rebecca Minkoff.

I wish it was Friday so I could write that I’m “feelin’ fringy this Friday” …it’s things like that that could truly kill a bloggers mojo for the weekend. However, I will carry on.

I’ve been dying to find the perfect black fringe skirt and I’m so happy I snagged this super reasonably priced one from Zara! I’ll definitely be testing out a few different ways to style it in the next few weeks. Today I went for a look appropriate for work, because no offense, but I’m so sick of people wearing boring stuff to the office… and I’m not even at the office. Just the thought alone haunts me. Everyone needs some fringe in your life and I truly feel co-workers will enjoy the flare. So, get out there and fringe-it-up.

Xx, Emily

P.S. For some in action fringe follow me on Snapchat: WanderLust-Girl :)

Grey Heels

boyfriend jeans

grey heels

grey handbag

danielle nicole

brandy melville shirt

dharma co


Tee, Brandy Melville. Denim, 3×1. Heels, Banana Republic. Bag, Danielle Nicole. Sunnies, Dharma Co.

It started with the jeans. I knew I wanted to pair them with heels, so I decided to go for these suede grey heels. Once I went grey, I found this perfect cross-body handbag to match. I elected to avoid black, because it was like 90 degrees, and black is killer. I finished it off with a white tee, and clear sunnies. This look is so simple for Summer. Half casual, half sophisticated. All I really did in this outfit was go buy soy milk. I wish there was still a milk man. A sexy milk man. Okay, stopping.

xx, Abigail

Summer A-Line Skirts





WanderLust-Girls-Bariano-Skirt-5Emily – Crop top, Zara. Skirt, Lumier by Bariano. Heels, Aldo.

I’ve decided I’m going to officially dress more feminine! However, don’t expect me to wear pink anytime soon (or ever.) I will, of course, be sticking to my usual color palette, but it will be on cute dresses and skirts (like this one!)

The best way to create an outfit that is feminine yet edgy is to play with the silhouette and materials. This Summer A-line skirt and crop top is super girly. The cut outs in the top and the mesh material for the skirt is super edgy. With their fashion powers combined… I’m stopping. Sorry to get all Captain Planet on you guys.

This look is perfect for this sweltering Summer heat we’re getting here in New York :/ Where are you Fall?! I’m too excited for pumpkins and hot apple cider. (If you follow me on SnapChat, which you should be (WanderLust-Girl) you’ve definitely been seeing me lust after pumpkin cookies and skeletons of all sorts.)

What do you think of this Summer two-piece look?

Xx, Emily


Made Simple by Sarah





If you know me, you know my diet consists of bagels, chips, candy, and cupcakes… Well, I’m getting old and I figured that needs to change. I was relieved when a good friend turned us onto Made Simple by Sarah, because there is no way I could figure this out on my own. I’m that girl that burns easy mac… like flames in the microwave.

Sarah knows that people on the go with little time to prepare meals should be able to eat healthy too. So she makes it simple. I met with her to discuss my eating habits, what I wanted out of her program, and a laundry list of other concerns, and fears of not being able to eat cookies again. She instantly calmed me down and said there will be cookies… phew!

After we met she designed a program of meals perfect for me. I went out and got the ingredients at Whole Foods. A few days later she met me at my apartment and taught me how to cook each meal. First and foremost, we put the cookies in the oven. Then we cooked up a few different wraps, breakfast, salad, and dinner meals.

I was shocked that I actually liked them, felt full after and each meal took like 5 mins to prepare! So excited about this! You guys should totally check it out and let me know what you think :)

Xx, Emily

Denim Mini Dress





WanderLust-Girls-Zara-Denim-Dress-6Emily – Dress, Zara. Boots, Vince. Hat, Free People. Sunnies, Dharma Co.

I picked up this new little denim mini dress for only $29 at Zara. Woohoo! (It was SUPER bright on our rooftop taking these photos so excuse the horrid faces.) I love simple dresses like this because you can style it so many ways. For the last month of Summer I would just use accessories to change up the look. That way you’ll avoid being way too hot in this August heat wave we seem to be getting right now.

Sidenote: Normally, 90 degrees in New York would be considered at heatwave, but Abigail and I are heading to Arizona this weekend where it’ll be 105 degrees in Arizona. So, does that mean 90 degrees is no longer too hot? It sure feels like it.

Okay, back to the important stuff! A big hat will make the look a little more edgy and downtown. A belt will make it a bit more put together, which is great for the office. Finally, just a pair of simple sunglasses makes it perfect for a day out strolling the streets.

Now, we wait for Fall to pair it with boots, jackets and tights- oh my!

Xx, Emily


Uniqlo Sweater

a gold e jeans

uniqlo sweater

ocean city new jersey

ocean city

uniqlo fall


Sweater, Uniqlo. Jeans, A Gold E. Sunnies, Dharma Co.

My favorite part about escaping to a beach town is dressing down. I knew aside from my B Suit bikini, all I wanted to pack was a beach cover up, and a nice black sweater and jeans. I didn’t even wear makeup for four days – bliss. This new Uniqlo sweater was perfect because it was thin and slinky. A great transition piece for Summer to Fall. I love that it’s dropping into the 60’s and 70’s at night! By the way, I didn’t wear blue jeans for five whole years, and now I’m finally into them again. Am I growing up?

xx, Abigail

Forever 21 Maxi Skirt







(Emily – Tank, Jennifer Hope. Skirt, Forever 21. Hat, Banana Republic.)

If you’ve been following along with my Snapchats (WanderLust-Girl) then you’d know Abigail and I have spent the past few days on the Jersey Shore. The beach is always hard to dress for. I mean not the bikini part, that’s slightly easier. However, there are those days when you go from beach to dinner or beach to boardwalk. So, you’ve got to be prepared for anything. Who knows you might even end up at mini golf. Believe me, you never want to be caught at mini golf wearing something lame. (I learn from experience.)

I highly suggest a Forever 21 maxi skirt with a major slit. It’s sexy, but still beachy. I paired it this time with a little black tank because it elongates the look. All black can become a bit more formal, so it’ll be perfect if we end up out to dinner. Finally, I topped it off with a hat, because, well, I look like I’ve spent the day in the sun… and no, not the glowing Summer bronze type of day in the sun. The point is this hat covers up most of my face, so the hat will tide me over till sundown.

Anyone else end up on the Jersey Shore this Summer? It was my first time, and I absolutely loved it!

Xx, Emily

Designer Collaborations for Fall

Check out Killer Collabs for Fall!

by Emily & Abigail at Mode

Some major designer collaborations are in the works for Fall! As if we weren’t excited enough for the crisp! Now, we have Balmain x H&M dresses, Christophe Lemaire knits, and Adam Lippes plaid to look forward to! Which design collab are you most excited for?

Xx, Emily