Clinique Pep Start

daybreaker nyc

daybreaker new york

clinique pep start

daybreaker new york city

daybreaker clinique

daybreaker fire girl

clinique daybreaker

daybreaker fire dancer

We’ve been to MANY parties. Okay, too many. However, they were all surpassed when we woke up for a 7am “daybreaker” with Clinique. We woke up, dabbed some Clinique Pep Start on our sleepy puffy under-eyes, and headed to Space Ibiza for what we thought was a morning of silly dance moves and a juice bar. Upon arrival we were handed headbands and glowsticks. Emily and I gave each other a look like “Oh boy.. what’s about to happen?” Fast forward to RAVE. Sweat was dripping, trombones were jamming, and a fire girl even graced the stage with her scorching talent. Thank heavens we used Pep Start, because the theme here was definitely alive and thrive. If you haven’t participated in a daybreaker, we highly recommend it. If you haven’t checked out Clinique’s reviving new eye cream product, swing by your local Sephora and test it out!

xx, Abigail

Target Swimwear

This post is sponsored by Target.

target bathingsuit

target bikini top

target one piece swimsuit

target bikini

target one piece

target swimwear

Okay, guys… real talk. Emily and I have a few sun-soaked trips in the near future, and we’ve begun our annual panic about swimwear. Prior to some online shopping on, I literally didn’t own one bathing suit I liked. Whatever I had was about five years old, and completely unflattering. I start to get down about myself when I have to wear them, but I’m now realizing it was all the fit! My prior bikinis had those awful triangular pads that refuse to stay in place. No girl likes to play awkward geometry boobs on the beach. You know exactly what I’m talking about, too. I needed an upgrade… a suit with sewn-in support, and something that flattered my figure.

I made the big switch. The style I haven’t worn since I was a little girl… the ONE-PIECE. It’s been taunting me for a couple years now. I can confidently tell you, after biting the bullet, I’m mad at myself for not getting onboard earlier. These two chic black suits make me less self-conscious, and more willing to partake in a flirty round of beach volleyball or a big jump into the pool. #NOFOMO! (Please tell me I’m not the only one that’s experienced the bikini bottom wardrobe malfunction while jumping into a body of water.) I’m also loving the designer details such as the back straps and sheer mid-section. Emily mixed and matched this simple halter top with a cute keyhole bottom.

Check out Target’s wide range of swimwear, and you will certainly find the right fit for you! Shop with a friend to give you feedback, or shop in the comfort of your home knowing offers free shipping and returns. Swim season has never felt so empowering.


Kingsley NYC

kingsley nyc

kingsley ave b

kingsley restaurant nyc

charred octopus


We can officially say we’ve had our first true upscale dining experience in Alphabet City. Our old stomping grounds is home to a brand new restaurant called Kingsley NYC. You know it’s good when you aren’t sure what half of the ingredients on the menu are. We enjoyed a few decanters of Malbec as we tested several of Kingsley’s finest dishes. The best of all (not pictured above) was the roasted bone marrow, which is served with a shot for you to luge out of the bone afterwards. Probably one of the most adventurous foodie things I’ve done in my life. I figured the description was graphic enough, but to all my fellow carnivores, go try this out. Shout out to Chef Roxanne, probably one of the coolest Chef’s we’ve ever met!

Kingsley NYC – 190 Avenue B

xx, Abigail

A little bit of Leopard




IMG_7894 copy (1)

Army Jacket, Banana Republic. Top, Zara. Pants, One Teaspoon. Boots, Sam Edelman. Sunnies, Prada.

Just a tad windy….. These were literally the only pics that my face wasn’t completely covered by hair and my jacket wasn’t flying up behind me like a cape. I looked ridiculous, but I did it all for the blog! It just happened to be extra windy over by Brookfield Place mall since it’s right on the water. If you’ve noticed we’ve been working with a company, The New Stand (located in the Brookfield Place mall) so we’re there a lot. The New Stand has a wicked awesome app with cool curated articles and playlists that I’ve been reading on the subway instead of playing solitaire (cue Clay Aiken) that you should check out. WanderLust recommended!

 Okay, the look… I love army green anything paired with a little bit of leopard print. The color/pattern compliment each other so well. I finally got these One Teaspoon boyfriend jeans in the mail. I love them! I got them a couple sizes up, because they were the only ones available with the sale. Now I just need to invest in a cool belt. Any suggestions? I’m new to the belt game.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Xx, Emily


Caped Crusader

3x1 denim

fringed dress

h williams boots

lydell nyc

Hat, Free People. Necklace, Lydell NYC. Dress, Topshop. Denim, 3×1. Boots, H Williams.

Today was one of those “a-ha!” days when I realized I could wear my old fringe dress as a shirt. Perhaps I shrank it in the wash over the years, or perhaps it never really was a dress, and I was just skankier back in the day. Definitely the latter. So, if in fact you have shrunk some dresses (or used to be skanky), style them up with some skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. I’m digging the Western vibe this look gives off, from the hat to the collar necklace, and down to the fringe and ankle boots. I think I’m ready for Spring to come… Punxsutawney Phil better make it happen!

xx, Abigail

Loads of Leather







Leather jacket, AllSaints. Flannel, Uniqlo. Leather leggings, Aritzia. Boots, Vince. Sunnies, Prada. Purse, Angela Roi.

The snow is melting! I’m going to take this as Punxsutawney Phil won’t be seeing his shadow!! We’ll find out tomorrow I guess :) I’ve been feeling a little too beige rug lately, so I put on loads of leather… and then I felt at home again. I just got this AllSaints jacket from Bloomingdale’s and I’m obsessed! That collar?! Those buckles!

This look just felt like my original Emily uniform, except I added some color with this Uniqlo flannel. PLUS, I just wore this leather jacket and it definitely wasn’t warm enough, so the flannel actually kept me warm. It was like those days in Spring where you jump the gun and don’t wear enough clothes because you’re too excited.

This causal look was perfect for running around the East Village all day snapping pics of some of our fav spots for an article we’re brewing up! I always love stopping in Tompkins Square Park to look at all the puppies :) Did you bask in the NYC sun today? Out of towners, if you’re anywhere warm… we’re not good right now. (Just kidding, I love you all!)

Xx, Emily

Vintage Harley Tee

downtown style

asos faux fur jacket

vintage harley davidson tee

Hat, Free People. Jacket, asos. Harley tee, WGACA. Velvet leggings, HUE. Boots, Duo.

Today I got back to my roots… leather jacket, tee-shirt, and combat boots. I love a thin cropped leather jacket that actually fits under another jacket. Layering your outerwear is a style win if done right. A lot of people stopped me and asked if this jacket was real and vintage, which is a faux-fur done right! If you’re looking for a unique faux, I definitely recommend asos. Shout out to HUE for making these velvet leggings that I wish I could wear every single day. We’re off to a candy and champagne event! Stay tuned on my snapchat: @wanderlustgirls

xx, Abigail

Maje Mini






Chambray shirt & Sunnies, Banana Republic. Mini skirt, Maje. Boots, Sam Edelman. Tights, Uniqlo.

40 degrees?! Let me ditch my coat! Just kidding, I just ran outside to snap some pics of todays look that was under said giant coat. I love a leather skirt, well I love leather anything. However, I wanted to make this look a little more day appropriate/cowboy-esq. so I tucked in this cute chambray shirt.

I recently picked this Maje mini up at Bloomingdale’s, my go-to store and favorite place to peruse with my mom. It was love. I love the belting and the leather is like butter.  Anyways, back to cowboys. As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my New Years resolutions is to date a cowboy. Do you think I can rope him in with this denim and leather look?

Xx, Emily



J Brand Bell Bottoms

j brand bell bottoms

leopard print jacket

Hat, Bex NYC. Jacket, Aqua x Bloomingdale’s. Bell bottoms, J Brand. Scarf, Topshop.

I really don’t have the creative mindset to talk about this outfit other than I really dig it. Very 70’s. On another note, here are some things that have been on my mind lately:

Japanese whisky / Short films / Swedish singers / the barrier between a perfect stranger / Cowboys / and the word “lost.”