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What an experience it was! Barbour suited us bloggers up in their finest outdoorsy attire and sent us out to take on nature and shoot some guns. After eating a delicious lunch at the Sandanona Shooting grounds we were off to skeet shoot. It was a blast... get it? We did, surprisingly way better than expected (notice how I didn't say well, just better than we thought!) Plus, we look like blonde badasses with our platinum friend, Katya! Next, we hopped in the truck and learned some fly fishing.

Basically, we just whipped our poles back and forth and sang any song with the word "whip" in it. Abigail decided to test her skills as an off roader in a new 2016 Land Rover. It was terrifying, but awesome. Our car was so sideways you could touch the ground without having to reach your hand out the window.... like I said, terrifying.

After that it was time for a much needed glass of vino and some beer! What a fun little day trip! Thank you so much to Barbour for having us and these fabulous jackets! #Barbour Experience

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