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Best Products for Well-Being

One of my biggest resolutions for 2021 is to improve my overall well-being. This might sound impossibly vague, but it really just takes a few simple products, practices and gadgets to set you on the right path, and these are a few of our favorites right now:

Gratitude journal: Your mindset is everything. When you focus on the good, no matter how small, more good will find you. I like to jot down at least 5 things a day that made me happy, but for a more guided journal check out the one above!

Acupressure mat: If you are hesitant to lay on a bed of spikes, I totally understand. To be honest my first try was a little intense. It takes some dedication to get used to the feeling, but once you do you'll be so relaxed afterward.

Light therapy lamp: This is my newest obsession! My apartment lacks natural light, so a light therapy lamp was an exciting addition. Now with my morning coffee, I spend 20-30 minutes next to my lamp.

Body brush: I love a bathing ritual, so I'm surprised it took me this long to get a body brush. The benefit of lymphatic drainage is what's most important to me.

Ashwagandha: Personally, the only supplements we feel totally comfortable with are ones that have been around for literal AGES. The ancient healing benefits of ashwagandha is only recently becoming trendy, but this herb deserves all the recognition.

xx, WanderLust Girls

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