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Denim Overalls

Yee-haw!! Okay, NOW we are truly embracing our new home. Maybe we should just become cowgirl bloggers? Actually, we would be horrible cowgirls we would just play with the horses and kiss all the animals on the farm, but we would be great at drinking whiskey. I'm not even truly sure what a cowboy does, pause for a quick google search......... Looks like cowboys/girls are cattle herders on horseback who tend to the ranch. They also have lots of other talents like lassoing, shooting and cool things of that nature. In conclusion, we would not make good cowgirls. Won't stop us from dressing like them. That we can do!

We found this old saloon looking place down the street and snapped some pics in our denim overalls. And we wonder why people think we're related? We just love being matchy-matchy. We grabbed both of these denim overalls from Molly Green. This store has super fun pieces and if you're in Nashville we urge you to check out one of their locations: The Mall at Green Hills, Cool Springs Galleria, or Opry Mills Mall. You'll definitely find pieces perfect for your Nashville lifestyle here.

Anyone know any good dude ranches where we can perfect our cowgirl skills? We've been dying to go to one! Montana? Wyoming? Let us know!

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